Supporting HTTPS/SSL on your webstore is vital when increasing customer trust. The green padlock symbol shows to your players that you take security seriously - which is especially important in the gCommerce industry.

We support HTTPS on webstores which use a subdomain and also webstores which use their own custom domain name (awesome!).

Enable HTTPS On A Webstore Using A Subdomain

If your webstore uses a subdomain you can enable HTTPS by doing the following:

  1. Go to Webstore > Domain.

  2. Enable the option Store HTTPS Redirect.

HTTPS is now forced on your webstore. You'll need to ensure that any themes or templates you are using do not include links to non-HTTPS websites as this will cause a security error to appear.

Enable HTTPS On A Webstore Using A Custom Domain Name

Enabling HTTPS on your webstore which is using a custom domain name is equally as easy, however you are required to subscribe (or purchase) a HTTPS certificate from us. SSL Certificates start from only £5 a month and are free to customers who are subscribed to our Enterprise Plan.

  1. Go to Webstore > Domains.

  2. Click Register next to the SSL certificate box.

  3. Click Purchase to confirm your transaction. You will need to have billing details saved to continue with the purchase.

Once you have purchased an SSL certificate we will automatically add the certificate to your webstore within 15 minutes. We also enable the Store HTTPS Redirect feature automatically.