FiveM Migration Plan

As has previously been announced, Tebex has partnered with CFX Collective to launch the official FiveM monetization platform.

This new partnership brings many important features to the FiveM support we offer: A wider range of payment methods (without the merchant needing to register), support for authentication, a new, improved server integration and much more.

The legacy 'GTAV' game mode that you are currently using will be end-of-life from the 1st July 2020. At this point you will still be able to login to see your purchase history, however webstores will no longer be accessible.

Tebex have a migration process available for all legacy stores. Tebex have ensured, as far as possible, that no data will change during the migration. The only exception to this is that, due to the changes in the authentication mechanism, the usernames associated with payments will be replaced with a placeholder value. So that you can still check the original owner of a payment, the historical name and Steam ID are added as a 'note' to the payment:

Example of a migrated payment

Due to the changes between the legacy gametype and the new FiveM game type, there are a number of changes that merchants should be aware of:


The FiveM game type uses CFX Collective’s official authentication mechanism. This is preferred over Steam, as having a Steam account has never been a requirement of using FiveM, meaning some players could have been prevented from purchasing. This means that the {id} placeholder will refer to the players fivem: identifier, rather than any other identifier. To make migration easier, CFX are supporting the old {hexid} variable ​ in-game for commands that require the player to be online​ , however it is recommended that you update your plugins to support fivem: style identifiers rather than steam: style identifiers going forward.

Because of this, while we will preserve any existing payments on your store, they will be updated to have a ‘placeholder’ username - the original identity of the player will be added as a note against each purchase.

Tebex Checkout

As part of switching game-types, you will now be using Tebex Checkout, rather than providing your own gateways. This allows your customers to checkout in 35+ payment methods out of the box, without requiring you to create additional accounts or sign up for extra services. In order to receive funds from purchases, you will need to withdraw them from your wallet. Once your store has been migrated, head to the new ‘Checkout’ menu option in the control panel to find out more.

Tebex Checkout also comes with unlimited transaction processing - unlike our standard platform where you are required to upgrade once you process a certain amount, there is no limit to the value of sales you make without purchasing an update. Additional features are available on the ‘Tebex Plus’ plan for £4.99 a month, but this is entirely optional - you can continue to process unlimited values on the free plan forever.

Server Changes

When the changeover happens, please ensure you make the following changes to your server:

1. Ensure you are using the latest build of the FiveM server software (build 2766 at time of writing) 2. Remove any copies of the old Tebex plugin you have installed 3. Add the Add the following ConVar to your "server.cfg" file:

sv_tebexSecret ​ YOURSECRETKEY


As the official monetization solution for FiveM, there are some rules that are set by CFX to ensure that everyone uses the platform in the same way. These rules are detailed below - please review them, as once your store is migrated, you will be required to comply with them:

All monetization activities on FiveM servers must be directly related to the specific server. Monetization of non server-related activities (selling of physical goods, website access etc is prohibited).

Server owners must ensure they have the rights to sell or otherwise monetize the content they provide. This includes:

  • Content provided by you

  • Content purchased from a supplier including full licensing rights

  • Open-source content with a commercial license included

No content being sold may give any player an advantage over any other player on the server (i.e. not 'Pay-to-Win'). Allowed content includes priority access to full servers, cosmetic enhancements, map-vote rights or server-wide affects.


Revenue earned from your FiveM game server is subject to a fee of 15% which is set by and distributed back to Citizen FX Collective.

Transaction fees vary depending on the payment method your players use and all fees are listed on the payment methods page of the control panel.

Tebex & FiveM

Tebex is the official monetisation platform of FiveM (Citizen FX Collective) and this can be verified by going to the FiveM website.