Transaction Limits
This guide is only applicable to customers who are not using Tebex Checkout.
Each type of gaming community is a different size, and every server expects different levels of features and support from their webstore solution. To help us achieve the same level of support for each gaming community we tailor each plan depending on the size of your player base.
If you're not using Tebex Checkout then the following transaction limits will apply. Customers who use Tebex Checkout don't have transaction limits and can process as much as they want no matter which plan they subscribe to.
Each plan has a "Transaction Limit" which is the total sum of payments you can process each month before you are required to upgrade to the next plan. Your transaction limit is calculated each day and sums your total volume of processed payments for the last 30 days. Our transaction limits are set in British Sterling, so if you're processing in American Dollars for example, we will use that days conversion rate to calculate your current transaction limit.
You can view each plan and its relevant transaction limit on the pricing section of the game page.
We will send friendly reminder emails alerting you if you are near your transaction limit, and if you don't upgrade to the next plan within the specified timeframe we will prevent players from accessing your webstore.
If you did not upgrade and your webstore has been disabled, please upgrade to the correct plan and then proceed to let us know via email. One of our friendly customer support staff will then manually enable your webstore.
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