Custom Manual Gateway

The custom payment gateway allows you to process payments manually as if they were real payments. This means that they will act as payments in every way affecting your statistics, community goals and so on. This is different to making a manual payment from the control panel which will only grant the player the items in game.

This guide is only applicable to stores which are not using Tebex Checkout - the modern, more secure and official payment gateway of the Tebex platform.

This gateway can be found like any others under Payments > Payment Gateways in the control panel, though there is a slightly different set of requirements. You will need to enter instructions to your customers

We also have some variables which will display the total basket price and currency dynamically using the {total} and {currency} variables.

Make sure to include the transaction ID for your customers using the {reference} variable as this is important information for them to be able to reference the payment when they send it to you manually.

How To Create A Custom Manual Gateway

  1. Go to Payments > Payment Gateways.

  2. Click Create Payment Gateway.

  3. Click the Create Manual Gateway button.

  4. Enter the following options:


  1. Name - The name you want to call this gateway, for example Bank Transfer.

  2. Note - This is displayed to your customer telling them how to make payment. You could for example include your bank details notifying your customer how to send their payment.

  3. Javascript - This allows you to implement custom javascript if you are implementing a payment gateway which we do not support already.

  4. Pending Payments Expiry - This is how long a payment should remain in your webstore until it's deleted (Due to it not being marked as paid).

Once you have entered all the required information, click create, and the gateway will appear on your webstore.

If a player selects the gateway to make a payment we will display the above note to them. Once you have received the payment you can then change the status of the payment to Complete in your Tebex Control panel and we will give the purchased packages to the player.

You can also change the status of the payment to complete using our APIs.