With the Paygol payment gateway you will be able to receive payments from anywhere in the world quickly, easily and safely, from any device. A barrierless and consumer friendly payment experience.

This guide is only applicable to stores which are not using Tebex Checkout - the modern, more secure and official payment gateway of the Tebex platform.

Creating A Paygol Account

To get started with PayGol you first need to create an account on their website.

Create A PayGol Account

Once you have created an account you can continue to the next steps.

Configuring Your PayGol Account

  1. Ensure that your PayGol account is in Live Mode.

  2. Go to Notifications in your PayGol account and set the IPN URL field to

  3. On this page you will also find your Service ID and Secret Key. Make sure to keep note of these as you'll need them for the next stage in the setup process when adding the gateway to your Tebex Store.

Setup PayGol On Your Tebex Store

  1. Go to Payments > Payment Gateways in your Tebex Control Panel.

  2. Click Create Payment Gateway.

  3. Click Create PayGol Gateway.

  4. Enter the following options on that page:


  1. PayGol Service ID - Enter the Service ID you noted down from previous steps.

  2. PayGol Secret Key - Enter the Secret Key you noted down from previous steps.

Once you have entered the above information, click create, and PayGol will be setup on your webstore.