Xsolla is a payment gateway which allows you to accept payments from over 800 different methods all under one merchant account.

This guide is only applicable to stores which are not using Tebex Checkout - the modern, more secure and official payment gateway of the Tebex platform.

Adding The Xsolla Gateway To Your Webstore

  1. Go to Payments > Payment Gateways in the Tebex Control Panel.

  2. Click Create Payment Gateway.

  3. Click the Create Xsolla Gateway.

  4. Leave this page open and continue to the next step of configuring your Xsolla account. We'll come back to this page later.

Configuring Your Xsolla Account

After you have signed up for Xsolla from the button above please login to your publisher account via the Xsolla website and create a new project by doing the following:

  1. Click Projects.

  2. Click Create New Project.

When you are creating your new project make sure to fill in the basic information as outlined below:

  1. Name - Enter your website name.

  2. Site - Enter the url of your website (or webstore).

  3. Secret Key - Enter a random secret key and save this for later.

  4. Webhook URL - Enter the webhook URL which is listed on the Create Xsolla Gateway page you have previously left open on the Tebex Control Panel.

  5. Return URL - Enter the Return URL which is listed on the create Xsolla Gateway page which you have previously left open on the Tebex Control Panel.

  6. Enable Simple Checkout on the Xsolla Project Page.

  7. Click Advanced Settings and enable the External ID option.

  8. You're all set! Click save on the project and continue on to the next step.

Configuring The Xsolla Gateway In Your Tebex Control Panel

Go back to the previous page that you left open on the Tebex Control Panel and enter the following information:

  1. Merchant ID - Shown in the Xsolla Control Panel in the URL of the webpage (Only the random number part, no text!)

  2. API Key - Go into your Xsolla Control Panel, then go to Publisher Account, then Settings, then Company. Here you will be able to generate an API key. Copy that key into this field.

  3. Project ID - To find your project ID, go into your Xsolla Control Panel and view your Project. The Project ID is the last number in the URL of that webpage.

  4. Project Secret Key - The Secret Key that you generated previously when creating your project in your Xsolla Control Panel.

Once you have entered the information above click create and proceed to the next step:

Setup A Simple Checkout Module Within Your Xsolla Project

To successfully complete the technical integration process you have to validate the project settings through the API test on the Xsolla Project page. You may use any values to finish the test. Make sure that all tests are passed successfully. You can tell if the tests have passed as you will see a green dot next to each one.

Once you have completed the API test please proceed to click the Launch Tab on the same page - this can only be done once the tests have been passed. You then need to turn the module on, this can only be done once the API tests have been passed.

After the module indicator turns green you will be able to continue to agree to the license agreement. To start the license agreement process please do the following:

  1. Go to Agreement And Verification in the Xsolla Control Panel.

  2. Then click Licensing Agreement.

  3. Follow all the instructions on that page to complete your agreement.

  4. Ensure that all fields are completed (Including uploading a logo of your server) - none of the entered information will be used on the actual checkout process and is only used for the licensing agreement.

Once you have entered all the required information you should be provided with an agreement that you are able to sign. Once you have signed the agreement it will then be processed via Xsolla and they will get back to you once you are ready to start accepting payments. This could take up to 24 hours for them to get back to you.

Once you've been approved you're all set to start accepting payments via Xsolla. Awesome!

Changing Which Gateways Are Enabled

By default, Xsolla will allow you to use most of their gateways, with them acting as the 'Merchant of Record'. For certain methods (PayPal, Braintreee, Stripe, Boa Compra, Paysafecard, Amazonpay and others), you can provide your own account details to receive a lower rate. To activate these, go to Payment systems > Gateways in your Xsolla publisher account

If you do not wish to offer all the gateways, you can turn them on and off by going to Payment systems > Payment systems in your Xsolla publisher account.