Sales Tax as a Creator

Lean how Sales Tax or VAT impact you as a creator
With Tebex Checkout, you as a creator are selling a service to us (Tebex). We are buying rights to sell your content, and paying a royalty in exchange for those rights. You are issuing invoices to us (which are available to download in your Tebex Wallet), and we are paying those invoices as a result of buying a service from you.
In most countries, selling goods B2B to a customer based outside the VAT or Sales Tax regime means that you do not charge VAT or other Sales Tax - for example in the EU:
In all countries where possible, we will account for purchasing services from you under the reverse-charge mechanism, meaning you do not need to pay VAT again on any money you receive from Tebex. It is important to note however that other taxes (such as income tax or corporation tax) will apply. As with any financial matter, we are not accountants nor are we experts in tax laws in your jurisdiction, and so we would always recommend receiving local tax advice from a qualified practitioner.

UK Creators

As a UK-registered company, the rules for our VAT-registered UK creators is slightly different. For companies in the UK, we will calculate the VAT you should charge to use for the sale of your services on your behalf, and remit the VAT to you to pay on to HMRC. Please contact our support team to request we set up your account to allow for UK VAT.
If your accountant is requesting more information about how we handle VAT please provide them with the Tebex Checkout Terms Of Supply or ask them to get in touch with our customer support team.