VPN Protection

The Enterprise Plan allows you to prevent players who are using a VPN from purchasing products on your webstore. Preventing VPNs on your webstore can reduce fraud and lower your chargeback rate. It can also prevent players from bypassing IP checks if you have previously banned them.

Enable VPN Blocking

  1. Go to Fraud > IP Checks.

  2. Turn on IP Checks by clicking the slider button in the top settings panel.


  1. Sensitivity - This is how sensitive you want the IP checking to be. If you are experiencing legitimate IPs being blocked we recommend changing this to suit your preference.

  2. Include Compromised System Checks - Enabling this option will perform more intensive checking to ensure the IP is not apart of a botnet. This will increase load times by a few seconds so we do not recommend enabling this unless you definitely would like this level of checking in place.

  3. Skip Whitelisted Users - If you have previously added an IP address to your whitelist you can enable this feature to allow them to bypass the IP checking.