Integrate Tebex into your own website or directly in-game.

The Headless APIs enable you to integrate your store directly into your own frontend, or in-game interface.

This is achieved by a set of APIs which provide you with the following user flow:

  1. Retrieve your packages & category listings in JSON format and display them however you wish.

  2. Create a basket and allow the customer to login with their username or other OAuth login mechanism (e.g Steam or FiveM).

  3. Add or remove packages programmatically to the created basket via the API.

  4. Add or remove coupons, gift cards or creator codes via the API.

  5. And finally, generate a checkout URL when ready, which the customer can be redirected to so they can complete their purchase via Tebex Checkout. You're also able to use Tebex.js for an embedded checkout experience

The Headless API's work with your existing packages, coupons, sales & creator codes.

Starter Template

To get started with your own integration of the Headless API you're able to use our example integration built upon Nuxt.js, Vue & Typescript. Take a look at the tebexio/Headless-Template GitHub repo to begin.


The following websites are built using the Headless API - hosted via our customers own infrastructure, using frontend frameworks such as Vue or React.

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