Bedrock Support

Learn how to enable Bedrock support within your server.

You can track Bedrock players within Analytics v2.0 by setting the bedrock prefix within your config.yml file to match your Geyser configuration.

Analytics v2.0 and above supports tracking Bedrock players with your Minecraft server through configuring a bedrock prefix in your configuration file.

Note: This is automatically configured for you in v2.1 and above if you're using the Floodgate plugin on your Minecraft server.

If you aren't running Floodgate or wish to manually configure this, you'll need to head to your configuration file (plugins/Analyse/config.yml and set the bedrock-prefix option like so:

  # Bedrock Username Prefix
  # The prefix to distinguish between Java and Bedrock players.
  bedrock-prefix: "."

If this section doesn't exist for you, just add it in similar to the above and you'll be able to track bedrock players within the dashboard.

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