Revenue Tracking

Discover how to track revenue and purchases using Tebex Analytics.

Tebex Analytics can seamlessly track the revenue from your Tebex store, to help better understand the domains and countries which are most effective on your game server. Enabling this feature is straight forward and you'll just need to head to the "Team Settings" tab under your team dropdown within the Analytics Control Panel. This section will look similar to the below image:

Once you've found this section you'll need to copy the url that is unique to your project, you can do this by pressing the "Copy" button beside it. Then head to the Webhooks page within your Tebex creator panel and select the "Add Endpoint" button. This will open a pop-up and then follow these steps:

  1. Paste the URL that you copied into the "Endpoint URL" field.

  2. Select the Payment Completed event from the "Webhook Types" section.

  3. Click the "Add" button.

Now locate your "Secret Key" which is below the "Endpoints" section, copy it, and then head back to the Tebex Integration section within Analytics and paste it into the Secret Key field.

Per-Server Packages

If your game server has packages specific to a certain server, e.g. Skyblock-only ranks, you'll need to configure one additional step to ensure your revenue metrics are accurate. To do this, head to the Game Servers page in your Tebex control panel and find the server that you're looking to configure. This section should look like so:

In this example, if you wanted to enable revenue tracking for your Survival server, you'd need to right-click the "Edit" button and copy the URL and paste this into the "Server ID" box. Then paste this url into the "Tebex ID" box and press save. Here's an example:

You are now ready to start tracking revenue and purchases from your Tebex store.

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