Debug Mode

Learn how to enable debugging within Tebex Analytics.

If you ever come across any issues whilst using our Minecraft analytics, you can enable debug mode which can be useful for troubleshooting.

Enabling and disabling this mode is as easy as running the /analyse debug command. You'll see the following message to confirm this:

[10:15:19 INFO]: [Analyse] Debug Mode: Enabled.

By enabling this, you will now see additional information once a player leaves the server like so:

[18:11:37 INFO]: Siri lost connection: Disconnected
[18:11:37 INFO]: [Analyse] DEBUG:  
[18:11:37 INFO]: [Analyse] DEBUG: Preparing analytics for Siri (ed6daf33-575b-460b-a2f3-e208a1004c10)..
[18:11:37 INFO]: [Analyse] DEBUG:  - Connected from: ''
[18:11:37 INFO]: [Analyse] DEBUG:  - Joined at: Fri Jul 08 18:10:51 UTC 2022
[18:11:37 INFO]: [Analyse] DEBUG:  - Player IP:
[18:11:38 INFO]: [Analyse] DEBUG: 
[18:11:38 INFO]: [Analyse] DEBUG: Sent player session data to Tebex Analytics!
[18:11:38 INFO]: [Analyse] DEBUG: 

It will also report if Tebex Analytics successfully tracked the player or if there were any issues.

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