Support for Epic Game IDs

For some games (currently ARK:SE), there is an increasing need to support customers using the Epic Games launcher in addition to Steam or other solutions.

At the time of writing, Epic Games do not provide any solution to allow external parties to authenticate or verify account IDs for Epic Games accounts. They have announced 'Epic Online Services' which includes 'Epic Account Services' to do just this, but there has been no announcement as to when this will be made available for production, as currently it is in preview only.

We're aware that with the increases in popularity in ARK, driven by the recent 'free game' event, that game server owners need a solution as quickly as possible. As such, Tebex have developed an opt-in, temporary solution.

This temporary solution will allow customers to optionally provide an Epic ID when they add an item to their cart. If an Epic ID is provided, then this will be used in place of the standard {id} placeholder in commands.

Due to the limitations caused by Epic not providing a way for us to validate these IDs, there are certain limitations:

  • This is currently only available on the ARK:SE gametype

  • The customer will still need a Steam account to log-in to your store

  • Commands that require the player to be online will not work - all commands will need to be set as "Execute the command even if the customer is offline"

  • Because Epic Games do not provide a mechanism for doing so, we cannot validate that a provided Epic Games ID is valid, and thus we will pass through the ID exactly as passed to us with no additional checks performed

If you wish to enable Epic ID support, this can be done by going to the Game Servers section and enabling the 'Epic Game IDs' option.

Once enabled, when a customer adds an item to their cart, they will be asked if they wish to provide an Epic Games ID:

If the customer doesn't provide a value here, then the {id} placeholder will remain, and will be replaced with their Steam64 ID as standard. Otherwise, if the customer provides an ID at this point, the {id} placeholder will be replaced with the value entered here.

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