Team Fortress 2

You can integrate your Tebex Store with your Team Fortress 2 server by downloading our official plugin. We currently support Sourcemod. Download the plugin from the plugins section of your control panel.​

How To Install SourceMod On Your Team Fortress 2 Server

  1. Download the Sourcemod plugin from the plugins section of the control panel.

  2. Extract the zip file to your local machine - this will give you three directories - 'config', 'extensions' and 'plugins'.

  3. Upload the three directories into your sourcemod/ directory inside your server install.

  4. All three directories will likely already exist on your install, so merge the contents of each directory into your existing ones.

  5. Reload your server to allow the server to detect the new plugin.

  6. Type the following command in the console (Replace the secret key with your secret key found on the game servers section of the control panel. Click edit on your server to find the secret key):

tebex:secret (Your Secret Key)
The plugin is now setup properly on your server.

Webhooks / RCON / MySQL Integration

You can also integrate your game server or website using our MySQL, RCON or Webhook integrations.

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