How To Test A Package

There’s two ways to test a package on your Tebex Store, we’ll walk you through both methods now.

Package testing is crucial to ensure that your customers can reliably receive the items they purchase. As a Creator, conducting these tests provides peace of mind. When everything functions smoothly, you won't have to worry about customers paying for nothing, a situation no one enjoys.

Method 1 - Store Test Mode

Store Test Mode is a special mode for your Store, ideally, it’s made for Stores that haven’t launched and aren’t visible to the public yet. You can think of Store Test Mode as like a mode that magically removes the need to pay at your Store’s Checkout - this is why it can be dangerous to activate if your Store is visible to the Public - you wouldn’t want your customers walking away with free stuff! Unless you want that to happen of course… ✨

You can enable Store Test Mode by going to your Store’s Checkout Settings on the Tebex Control Panel. You’ll find this under ‘Payments’ on the left-sidebar. From that page, just scroll down until you see the ‘Test Mode’ option, then toggle it On. With Store Test Mode enabled, you’ll be able to speed through the Checkout to test your site and packages end-to-end, no real money or card details required! Any ‘payments made’ will even show up on your Control Panel as normal. Best of all, you can delete the payments afterwards when you’re done! Just go to Checkout Settings again and scroll down to the bottom, and hit the button that says ‘Remove Test Payments’. Don’t forget to toggle Store Test Mode Off when you’re finished and definitely before you launch your Store live!

Method 2 - Manual Payments

Manual Payments can be used when you either want to quickly test a package (so you don’t have to go through the whole checkout process like with the above method) and they can also be used to manually give a package to any user, without them having to go through your checkout (great for giveaways!) 💰

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