RCON support enables you to send commands to a server which supports the RCON protocol (For example Minecraft and most source-based games).

When you have RCON support setup, you can enter commands into a package (Just like you would do with game based commands) and instead of them being executed via one of our official plugins we will send an RCON connection to your game server and execute the command that way.

Please note that user online/offline checking and inventory space checking will never be able to work with RCON based commands.

How To Setup RCON

  1. Go to Game Servers.

  2. Click Connect Game Server.

  3. Select the RCON Server and click Continue.

  4. Enter the following options:


  1. Name - The name of this server (RCON for example).

  2. RCON Host - The host address of your RCON server.

  3. RCON Port - The port the RCON server is running on.

  4. RCON Password - The RCON password you have configured on your RCON server.

Once you have entered the information above, click test connection - if the connection succeeds, you can then click create. You can now enter RCON commands within packages to execute on your server.


If a connection fails to your RCON server or we were unable to execute the command for any reason we will attempt to resend the command once every hour.

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