Purchase Follow Ups

Sending an email to a customer after their purchase can help them stay connected to your project and can help them return to support you again. For more info about using coupons on your store, you may find this post helpful.

YouTube Tutorial Video

Watch the video tutorial below to see how to use purchase follow-up emails.

How To Setup

  1. Go to Engagement > Purchase Follow-Ups.

  2. Enable the feature by clicking the checkbox at the top of the form.

  3. Enter the following options to configure the feature to your liking:


  1. Coupon Discount - Enter the percentage discount of the coupon which should be sent to the customer.

  2. Coupon Duration - The amount of time that this coupon should remain active for. A lower duration is proven to increase impulse purchases.

  3. Email Delay - How long the delay should be until the email is sent to the customer after they've made their purchase. You can also choose the value to be in hours, days or weeks.

  4. Email Subject - The subject of the email sent to your customer. This should be worded in a way which entices your customers to open the email, such as "Hey! Thanks for your purchase - here's a coupon code as a thank you for your support".

  5. You can also disable follow-up emails on payments that were free (No actual money was received via a payment gateway).

Customise The Emails Sent To Your Customers

As with all other aspects of the Tebex Store, we allow you to customise the design of the emails which the customers will receive in their inboxes.

  1. Go to Webstore > Appearance > Templates.

  2. Edit your custom template (Or create one if you haven't already).

  3. Once you have opened the template editor, go to the email/purchasefollowup.html file and you have full HTML access to modify the email to your liking. Please note we are unable to assist you with your customisations.


You can view how well the follow-up emails are performing by viewing the available statistics. You can view these by going to Statistics > Purchase Follow-Ups.

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