How To Create A Category

Categories are what Packages are placed in on your webstore. They allow you to organise your packages into sections.

To create a category:

  1. Go to Webstore > Packages.

  2. Click Create Category on the Add New dropdown.

  3. Enter the following options:


  1. Name - This is the name of your category and how it will appear on your webstore navigation bar.

  2. Description - This is the description of your category which will appear on the webstore category page.

  3. Parent Category - If you'd like this category to be a subcategory of another category you can select this here.

  4. Packages Display Formation - Choose if to display images of packages in this category or instead only display the package names.

  5. Only Show If Customer Has Purchased Package - If you only want this category to appear if customers have purchased a certain selection of packages previously.

  6. GUI Item - Enter a Minecraft Item (Minecraft only) ID if you are using the in-game package/category browser.

  7. Disable Category - Temporarily remove the category from your live webstore - this does not delete the category.

  8. Order By Price - Automatically sort your packages by price.

  9. Cumulate Packages In Category - Create a ranking/ladder system. See info here.

  10. Disable Cumulative Packages With A Lower Price Than Purchased Package - Used to hide purchased packages to make it easier for customers to see what they have already purchased in the ranking system.

  11. Only allow the customer to only purchase one package from this category - Restrict the availability of the packages. Useful for creative or narrative driven servers/stores.

  12. Delete pending expiry commands of other packages in this category upon a new purchase - Used to prevent ranks or permissions being removed prematurely.

  13. Add any remaining time of other purchased packages in this category onto new purchases - Eg. a customer buys 30 day VIP, and 10 days in they purchase the same package again, the customer will now have 50 days remaining of VIP.

Once you have entered all the options, click Create, and your category will now be listed on your webstore. You can now select this category when creating a package.

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