Please read this guidance for applying for Paysafecard on your Tebex Checkout store.

Creators who wish to accept payments via paysafecard need to apply to have paysafecard enabled on their account. Paysafe Group have specific requirements that we need to ensure that all webstores adhere to before we can submit the store to Paysafe for approval:

Once you have ensured your webstore meets the requirements, you can apply to have paysafecard enabled from the Payment Methods page in your control panel. Your application will be reviewed as soon as possible, though in some circumstances delays can occur - in most situations your application will be reviewed within 5 business days. If you have questions about the application process please contact us at

If you are a creator who is selling ranks, if you wish to accept payments from your buyers via Paysafe you need to need to have a time limit on the rank so that it is not permanent, if you fail to do this Paysafe will decline the purchase.

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