Answers to questions which are frequently asked by our customers.

How can I find my secret key?

The secret key is used to link one of our official plugins with your webstore so your customers can receive the packages they have purchased.

If you haven't already created a game server you can do so by heading over to Game Servers > Connect Game Server. Or use this link to be taken to the correct page.

  1. Login to your control panel.

  2. Click Game Servers on the left hand navigation menu.

  3. Click the server you want to find the secret key for.

  4. Click Show on the Secret Key.

Are Premium Templates account-wide?

No, premium templates are store specific, non-transferable, non-downloadable and non-refundable. However, premium templates are a great "plug-and-go" option for stores and give you a nice base to customise your store. Unfortunately, we are not able to recommend designers to you, but there are many around who would be able to help with customising your store further - however, you should expect to pay the designer for their services.

I sell FiveM scripts/mods, but I don't run a FiveM server. What type of store should I use?

You will need to use the FiveM store type only - this is due to our partnership with Cfx.re. Please make sure you are using the correct store type to avoid any disruption to your store at a later date.

If you are selling content for FiveM, you should also make sure you read our guide on product delivery methods, so you can select the best option for your product, you can read this here.

You must also ensure that your FiveM product is in accordance with the Cfx.re rules and terms, to prevent any issues at a later date for your store.

Can I change my store type after my store has been created?

For nearly every store type on Tebex, this is unfortunately not possible. Please ensure that you have selected the correct store type for your game server to prevent the need of re-making your store on the correct store type later on.

If you do need to create a new store, but you have already paid for your subscription, please contact our support team and we'll happily credit your new store with your remaining subscription time.

Can I export my entire store?

Unfortunately, this is not possible.

How do I set up a ranking system so my customers only pay the difference when upgrading to a higher rank?

You should enable the 'Cumulative packages' option in your category settings. This setting will calculate the difference in price for you so you don't need to manually configure a ranking system.

What's the best way to test my product commands work?

You should look at creating a manual payment - avoid making real transactions to test your commands. You can find instructions here.

Making payments to yourself on your own store will be considered suspicious and will be investigated by our compliance team. To avoid unnecessary downtime of your store and inconvenience, please under no circumstances make real money payments to your own store to test product delivery methods.

Can I pay for my Tebex plan without a subscription?

Yes, you can on our Plus Plan. The purchases take effect immediately and are for the entire duration of the plan, and as such are non-refundable.

To find out which options are available to you head to the billing page here. If you purchase a pre-paid plan in bulk, such as 3 months of Plus, please note refunds are not issued on unused time and all purchases are final.

How does my customer cancel their subscription?

When your customer subscribes to your store, they will receive two emails. One email will be their sales receipt, and the other email will be information about their subscription to your store. Inside this information, email is a link to cancel the subscription. Each time the subscription renews, the customer will receive a new email that includes a cancellation link. Your customer will need to keep hold of this so they can easily manage their subscription. Alternatively, you as the store owner or the customer can cancel the subscription from within your payment provider account (not within Tebex).

For Tebex Checkout stores only, Tebex can also manage and cancel the subscription on the behalf of the customer if they get in touch through our contact form.

The best solution for customers to manage their subscriptions is to use the self-service tool, found here.

How can I rename my store?

Simply head to the Webstore section, here.

Is my store/server eligible for the affiliate program with Tebex?

Our affiliate program can be found here. However, please note, that we do not partner with individual game servers, and our affiliate program is for server hosts/game server lists/designers etc, if you are a game server store that uses Tebex, it is highly likely your application will be rejected.

Can I cancel my free trial of Plus manually?

This is not possible, unfortunately. We want you to experience what the platform has to offer when you first sign up to Tebex, so we do not cancel any free trials upon request.

How can I cancel my subscription to Tebex?

We're sorry to see you go, however, we've made this simple for you to cancel your subscription. Simply:

  1. Login to your control panel located at https://server.tebex.io.

  2. Go to the Plans page by clicking the link in the header.

  3. Click "Downgrade" below the Starter Plan.

Your webstore will be automatically downgraded to the Starter plan and you won't be charged again.

I have opened a chargeback against Tebex for my store subscription/premium template.

When you open a chargeback against Tebex for a purchase made for your store, your store is automatically disabled. Please contact support@tebex.io to discuss what happens next.

My subscription for my store has failed. What happened/what do I do?

In most cases, we will try a total of 3 times to bill you for your subscription before your subscription is cancelled and your plan downgraded. Once your subscription is cancelled, you can simply begin a new one. If you'd like us to try to find out why your subscription payment failed, you can contact us at support@tebex.io and we'll investigate for you.

Can I get a discount on my plan?

The only discounts we provide for our plans are when you purchase in bulk, you can save up to 20% by paying ahead. However, please note, as stated here, we do not provide refunds on prepaid plans, so please be sure this is the right option for your store.

Are subscription plans account-wide or store specific?

Our subscription plans are store specific, so if you wish to have multiple stores for different games, please be aware that you budget for this accordingly. We always recommend the free Starter plan for stores that have small communities, are just starting, and need to build up a regular income before upgrading.

My store has been disabled by Tebex, what should I do?

Please contact support@tebex.io so we can assist you further.

How do I write commands?

We are unable to provide individual guidance on how to write the commands to issue your products. You should ensure that you read our guide found here, and that you read all relevant wikis and information pertaining to the platform (game) and mods/scripts you are using.

Unfortunately, any requests for assistance in writing commands for your products will be declined.

No, due to laws varying by region and country, Tebex is not qualified to provide advice and guidance for your individual circumstances pertaining to paying your local government taxes. We strongly suggest you contact a legal professional in your local area who will be able to provide the advice specific to your enquiry.

A store using Tebex has stolen my work and is re-selling it. What can I do about this?

For Tebex to assist we need a completed DMCA form from the original content creator - please send the form to support@tebex.io

If your content is related to FiveM, we would also recommend you send the DMCA to Cfx.re as well.

A store using Tebex has acted in bad faith/I need to report evidence of misconduct about a store using Tebex

Please send all the evidence you have of this misconduct to support@tebex.io so we can investigate. We will not be able to provide you with updates regarding the outcome of our investigation, however, this may include action being taken such as disabling of the store/termination of services.

Can I use Geyser with Tebex?

Yes, you can. Tebex now supports cross-platform Minecraft servers, however, please note this is on Minecraft Offline store types ONLY.

Please note that the special characters supported on Tebex are * . ! _

When using Minecraft Offline as a store, you should use the {username} variable as using UUID will no longer be suitable.

Where can my customer view their purchase history?

Our new system makes it easy for customers to view their purchase history as well as cancel their subscriptions to stores using Tebex Checkout.

Customers can access the self-service feature here: https://checkout.tebex.io/payment-history/

I want to suggest a feature be added to Tebex

While we appreciate any and all feedback we receive from our customers, it isn't possible for us to integrate every suggestion and idea that is brought to us. When you submit an idea or suggestion, we'll pass it on to the team to discuss, but there may be reasons why your suggestion cannot be introduced to our platform. Don't be disheartened though, as we encourage you to submit your suggestions whenever you have them!

How many team accounts can I add to my store?

We don't actually have a limit, so no matter how big your team is we'll find space for them. (Team accounts are only available on Plus while on Tebex Checkout, or on Ultimate while on Legacy Tebex).

Why can't I see all the plugins when I go to the download page?

We only display the relevant plugins suitable for your store type, for example, if you are using a RUST store, you will only see the RUST plugin, and you won't be able to download the Minecraft plugins. We do this for simplicity as having a page with a long list of plugins can make it confusing for people!

My Two Factor Authentication is set to a phone number/email I no longer have access to.

Please contact support@tebex.io and we'll see how we can help you.

Can I have Buycraft instead of Tebex as my subdomain?

Unfortunately, this isn't possible. We changed our company name several years ago and we want to be known by the name of Tebex.

I want to delete some payments on my store

This is not possible. The only payments that can be deleted are manual payments as no funds were taken. For tax and accounting reasons it isn't possible for us to allow you to delete genuine payments from customers.

Why can't my package be gifted?

Check if your package is a subscription - subscriptions cannot be gifted, so this is likely the problem you are experiencing.

Where can I edit my terms and conditions for my store?

Tebex Checkout stores cannot edit the terms and conditions of the store, as these are Tebex's T&C. Instead, you can create a new page for your store and list your terms there.

I have console spam on Minecraft Java, can I turn this off?

If you do not want to see the due command messages when the plugin is polling for commands to execute then you can set verbose = false in your config file which will remove these messages from view.

What can I sell with FiveM?

We'd recommend you check with Cfx.re directly regarding their rules on what they allow to be sold for FiveM stores.

How can I delete pending commands?

There isn't an option for this. Instead, you should look at enabling the automatic command expiry at intervals of 30/60/90 days. You can find this option here: https://server.tebex.io/game-servers

The Discord bot isn't executing commands

Ensure that the bot has the highest role possible in the Discord server - this is likely the issue you are experiencing.

How can I make a copy of a template?

To make a copy of a template so you can begin creating your own, you need to head to https://server.tebex.io/templates/create and choose the base template you want to copy and click create. You can then begin editing your template and begin customising your store.

Am I charged automatically after the free trial is over?

No, we don't charge you without your permission. Once your free trial expires you'll be downgraded onto the free Starter plan - so upgrading to a paid plan is entirely your choice.

How will customer service be handled?

Customer service is a two-way street - nobody knows your server or packages better than you, so where customers get in touch with Tebex directly for support, sometimes, we might ask you as a Creator to step in and provide customer support - we'll do this using the Support Email you set on your store. Responding to us and your customer, if we ever reach out to you regarding a customer query, gives you a chance to give a great customer experience - increasing the chances of that customer purchasing from you again and recommending your store and services to their friends! Where we don't get a reply from you, or where it's obvious there's something wrong, we might step in and deliver customer support for you - as the Merchant of Record, we are responsible for ensuring the customer gets what they've paid for and we'll support as far as we can ourselves in regards to this. So, in a nutshell, if we send you a message regarding a customer query, be proactive! Pick up the message, send a reply and give great customer support - your customers and store will thank-you!

Why am I seeing an 'Invalid Purchase Type' error?

We do not allow the gifting of subscription-based packages, so this might be why you're seeing this error. To get around this, you can create 'bundled' one-off purchase packages; for example, instead of just offering a 1-month recurring package, you could additionally offer one-off 6-month or 12-month packages as a one-off purchase, charged at a higher price.

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