Offers is an optional feature that allows you to display offers post-checkout, generating new revenue streams for your store.

You may request Tebex Offers to be disabled if you do not want to receive the additional revenue by contacting our customer support team.

How Offers Works

  • Once a customer complete their purchase, we will display an offer at the bottom of their payment confirmation page. As an example, this offer is for Rakuten, and will provide the customer with a $10 welcome bonus if they decide to proceed:

  • The offers presented to customers will vary, and do not interrupt the Checkout flow at all - as presented above. The only place the offers are displayed is the payment complete page, this means your customer's experience browsing your store is not interrupted. We also do not use pop-up offers - we have integrated the offer into our page to allow for a seamless experience for the customer.

  • Some examples of offers include Rakuten, SiriusXM Platinum, Harry's Shaving Club, Honey browser extension, Flamingo, and more.

  • Depending on the offer given to the customer, you will receive a payout from the offer provider - meaning this feature provides you with potential passive income with no further work from you once enabled.

  • Any revenue earned by your store through Tebex Offers will be reported to you monthly, and funds added to your wallet 30 days after reporting.

  • There are no costs involved due to enabling Tebex Offers - this is a great way to provide offers or premium brand discounts to your customers while providing your store with an additional revenue stream.

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