Adding a custom page to your store is a useful way to display your terms and conditions as well as "about us" "contact us" details.

Creating a custom page on your webstore allows you to add any content you'd like. They're just like how categories appear, however instead of packages being listed, we instead allow you to enter text instead.

To create a page on your webstore:

  1. Go to Webstore > Pages.

  2. Click Create Your First Page.

  3. Enter the following options:


  1. Page Title - This is what will appear in the title of your new page.

  2. Page Slug - This is how the URL will appear in the browser (e.g. /mycustompage).

  3. Page Content - This is the text area that will be the main content of your new page. You can use the WYSIWYG editor to customise the content to however you like.

  4. Disable Page - This does not delete your page but hides it from public view.

  5. Require Login To View - This page won't be visible to the general public and requires the customer to be logged in to your store to view.

  6. Do Not Add Menu Item - Useful if you want to hide this page, but direct people to it via URL.

Common Usage

If you use Tebex Checkout and you want to display your own terms and conditions, community rules or about us page on your store, it would be recommended that you create a page for them to make your store look neat as well provide your customers with the information that they need.

You can use pages for a whole variety of things, these are just a few examples to help provide your customers with everything they need to know.

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