Gift Cards

Gift Cards allow you to sell unique codes on your webstore which contain a balance of real currency. Customers purchase Gift Cards from your webstore and then receive an email containing a code which they can then use themselves or pass on to friends or family as a gift.

Selling Gift Cards via Packages

  1. Go to Webstore > Packages and create a package as you normally would do.

  2. Enter the following options to automatically send the customer a Gift Card once they purchase the package:


  1. Create Gift Card Upon Purchase - Enter the value of the Gift Card you'd like the customer to receive.


  1. You would normally enter the price of the package as the amount the Gift Card should be valued at.

  2. You can also set the packages to execute commands; they're no different than any other package you would normally create.

If you want to allow the customer to select how much they want the gift card to be, you should enable "pay what you want" pricing and select the option for the gift card "same as package price." The value next to the "Same as Package Price" will set a maximum limit on the value of the purchased gift card regardless of whether or not the "Same as Package Price" box is checked.

Creating a Gift Card Manually

  1. Go to Engagement > Gift Cards.

  2. Click Create Gift Card and enter the following options:


  1. Card Value - This is the amount of value this Gift Card will contain.

  2. Note - This is an internal note which is only viewable by your team.

  3. Expiry Date - This is when the Gift Card will expire, by default it will never expire.

How Customers Redeem Gift Cards

Once a customer receives their email containing the unique code they can use that code during the checkout process for future purchases. They just need to enter the code into the same box as coupon codes and then click redeem. If the Gift Card balance is lower than the total basket value they can pay the rest using a payment gateway.

If you have selected packages on your store that cannot be paid for with a gift card - the customer will be unable to purchase this product with their gift card.

Gift Card Module

You can create a Gift Card Module to appear on the right-hand side of your webstore. The module allows your customers to check their Gift Card balance and is recommended if you sell gift cards.

Gift Cards Video Guide

Watch Ted's video on gift cards here. Gift cards are a great incentive as ingame rewards or great gifts - especially for holiday seasons!

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