Mod Guidelines and FAQs

Steam Workshop & Content Use Guidelines

We are very proud of our modding community. Creators, builders, scripters, and every modder in between, invests a great deal of time and energy into their creations.

We ask that you respect that work.

  • Do not copy an author’s work without permission, on Steam,, Tebex, or anywhere else.

  • Do not leverage, utilize, or offer an author’s work without permission, on Steam,, Tebex, or anywhere else.

It is their work, and they can ask for it to be removed.

If you encounter a Tebex webstore that is in violation of Content Use Guidelines, you can report it by using one of the contact methods below.

Banned Items

The following items may not be sold through a Tebex webstore.

  • Physical items that require shipping

  • Client-side mods that provide an unfair advantage

  • Anything that can be converted/sold/exchanged for fiat currency

  • Gambling (be that skin gambling, money gambling, etc)

Violation of Content Use Guidelines

Please be aware that violation of any of the above guidelines may result in action being taken against your webstore.

  • Your webstore will be taken offline.

  • You will receive notice, describing the nature of your violation.

  • You will need to resolve all violations before your webstore can be reopened.

  • Repeated offenses will result in a permanent ban from the Tebex service.


Below are some of our most frequently asked questions.

Didn’t see the answer you are looking for? If you have any additional questions you can contact Keen Software House here:

Q: Can I make my server “Pay-to-win”

A: Yes.

Q: Does the Tebex integration work on all servers?

A: At the present time, the Tebex integration works on Steam servers only,

Q: Can I sell server access?

A: Yes, it is possible to set up a “pay for access” feature.

Q: Can I sell “Perks” or related services such as a Discord rank?

A: Yes.

Q: Can we sell loot boxes or similar random products?

A: No, all purchases should clearly indicate what the buyer paid for.

Q: I am a modder, can I create a site on Tebex to charge people for paid development services?

A: No, not at this time.

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