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Answers to some of the most common questions about Tebex Checkout.

Tebex Checkout Video Guide

Watch our YouTube video explaining Tebex Checkout, what it is, how it works, and how to enable it below.

Can I Use Other Payment Gateways Alongside Checkout?

When using Tebex Checkout, all payment gateways are provided by us - from PayPal to local payment methods. This is to ensure a seamless checkout flow, correct handling of sales tax, and to make the most of our advanced fraud protection. We designed Checkout to remove the hassle of dealing with payment gateways & handling chargebacks, leaving you more time to spend with your community.

Do I Have To Provide ID Or Any Other Documentation?

We only request further information to comply with KYC / ALM regulations if our automated system flags your account during the withdrawal process. The process is quick and your documents will have been verified after a few business days. Please note, that your personal identification documents are never seen by a Tebex employee and are submitted directly to Hyperwallet, which is a company owned by PayPal.

Accepted ID includes; Passport, Drivers licence, other official government-issued ID, etc.

Proof of address: bank statement, utility bill such as a mobile phone contract, electricity/water bill, etc.

If you have any questions regarding the identity verification process, please do get in touch with our support team who will be happy to help.

I am under 18, I don't have these documents - If you are under the age of 18, then you are only allowed to use Tebex Checkout with the express permission of your parent/guardian, and the Tebex account and wallet must be in the parent/guardians details. Our terms explain this here.

How Can I Withdraw?

As explained in our YouTube video, when you use Tebex Checkout, it doesn't matter what payment method or currency your player uses when paying. All payments will funnel straight into your wallet and after the payments have settled you will be able to withdraw your funds. The settlement times for payments vary and will depend on the payment method that your player used. The settlement times are as low as 3 days, you can view all settlement times on your payment methods page if you are already on Checkout. You can withdraw your funds via PayPal, bank transfer, and wire transfer and what is available to you will depend on the region you select. You can find out some more about withdrawals and any applicable fees here. We would recommend withdrawing via PayPal or bank transfer for easy withdrawals, as wire transfer is the most expensive option.

Is There A Minimum For Withdrawals?

Yes, there is. The minimum threshold before you can withdraw will depend on your payout method (PayPal/bank transfer/wire transfer) and the country selected.

  • PayPal - Usually $5 USD (Recommended withdrawal method).

  • Bank Transfer - Usually $20 USD.

  • Wire Transfer - Usually $50 USD.

Please note that the minimum required may differ slightly depending on the currency you are using.

I Have Money In My Wallet, But When I Go To Withdraw, It Says I Have 0.00 Available.

This is because you have received the payment, but it is still settling. Your payment must settle first before you are able to withdraw your funds. You can view the settlement times of all of the available payment methods on Tebex Checkout by logging into your Checkout store and going here.

You may find our wallet video helpful, you can watch it here.

What Plans Are Included In Tebex Checkout?

On Tebex Checkout there are only 2 available plans. We have simplified the platform, not only in terms of chargeback handling and gateway management, and even sales tax handling, but also in terms of our tiers of plan. The Tebex Checkout plans are:

  • Starter plan - This is the same as the regular non-Checkout Starter plan, with the benefit of no revenue limit! The sky is the limit when it comes to your revenue potential on Tebex Checkout, and you don't need to be on a paid plan at all if you don't want to.

  • Plus plan - The Plus plan is the best value plan on the entire Tebex platform. The Plus plan is only £12.49/month but with every single feature available on the Tebex platform, including gift cards, coupons, sales, abandoned baskets and purchase follow-up emails. The Plus plan allows you to make use of so many tools that will help with your player engagement and encourage your revenue potential.

Can I pay for my Plus Membership Subscription Automatically using my Wallet?

Unfortunately not, we currently only accept card and PayPal payments for the Plus Subscription.

Do I Need To Edit My Custom Template?

Yes, please make sure you've read this guide so you have completed the custom template change. This will ensure your customers enjoy a seamless checkout flow when they go to pay on your store.

What is the most a customer can purchase from my store?

To protect both our sellers and buyers we set a global maximum of $499 a customer can purchase from you in a one-time transaction.

Does Tebex Checkout Support Paysafe card?

Tebex Checkout does indeed have Paysafe card as an optional payment method. However, you must complete an application form and be approved by Paysafe card before you can begin taking Paysafe card payments. We have a lower fee negotiated with Paysafe card of 12.5%, which would generally be a smaller fee than if you were using your own merchant account. The application does have criteria and this is set by Paysafe card, please ensure you follow this, as currently, you are not able to apply for Paysafe card multiple times.

Please note: Your store must comply with the criteria set by Paysafe card, otherwise your application will be rejected, you can read the criteria here.

Can I Let Team Accounts Access/View My Wallet?

No, for security reasons this is not possible, and we strongly advise you to never give your login details to anyone else. Your wallet is private, and only you, not your team, can view and access the funds within.

Sharing access to your wallet and thus your Tebex account, with anyone, is completely against Tebex terms.

Will More Payment Methods Be Added To Tebex Checkout?

Yes, we are looking to adding more methods all the time! If you do not see the payment method that you wish to use on your store, please get in touch with us via and request your payment method and we'll look to see whether it's the right fit for Tebex Checkout.

How Do I Refund Customers On Tebex Checkout?

PayPal payments over 180 days cannot be refunded - even by Tebex Support - this is due to a PayPal policy.

To refund a player on Tebex Checkout, you simply need to view the specific payment, and there you will see a bright yellow button labelled 'Refund'. Simply click this button and the refund will be processed by Tebex. A refund may take up to 14 business days to return to the player, (some payment methods are faster than others), and you should inform them of the expected processing time. After this, there is nothing else that you need to do - the player has been refunded!

The refund button will not be visible if the payment is a chargeback. If you want to refund a chargeback, simply get in touch with Tebex support, tell us the transaction number and we'll be able to do this for you.

If you do not see the refund button available on the payment, and it is not a chargeback, then you can drop us an email and we'll take a look for you.

How Long Can The Money Be Stored In The Wallet? Is There Any Kind Of Limit, Or Fee For Doing So?

Don't worry. There's no limit to how long you can keep your funds in your Tebex Wallet, and there is no fee for leaving the funds in there. It doesn't matter if you leave the funds in there for 6 days, 6 weeks, or 6 months, you will be able to leave it and withdraw at a later date if you wish to.

Is There A Limit To How Much Money I Can Have In My Wallet?

No, there is not. Although we would recommend you do regular withdrawals, you can simply leave your funds in your wallet for as long as you like, and there is no limit on how much you can store.

Why Do Some Customers Have Different Prices When They Go To Pay?

Is your player in a country that is required by law to pay VAT/local sales tax? This will normally be the reason, and the rates can vary depending on the country the player is residing. As Tebex is the Merchant of Record, we are required by law to charge VAT to your customers if they reside in an applicable country, and this cannot be disabled. You can read more about this here. For help understanding why Sales Tax is necessary, you may find this post helpful.

Does Tebex Handle Any Other Kinds Of Taxes On My Behalf?

Tebex only handles VAT/local sales tax. We recommend contacting a professional in your local area who can advise you regarding any other taxes that you may be obligated to pay, such as income tax etc.

I Added A Payout Method, And The Panel Says I Must Now Wait 5 days To Withdraw. Why Is This?

This is a security measure to protect you, your funds, and Tebex. For example, if someone managed to get access to your email and thus your Tebex account, if they then tried to withdraw your money to their own account they wouldn't be able to - as they would be prevented by the 5-day waiting period. Giving you enough time to secure your account again before any loss of money could occur. The 5-day wait cannot be bypassed even if you contact support - so please do not contact us asking this.

This is a security measure for your peace of mind that will not be removed by request.

I Made A Withdrawal And It Says My Request Is Pending Review. Why Is This?

Some withdrawals are selected randomly for review to comply with regulations. We apologise for any inconvenience caused, the review should be completed in a short space of time, however, during exceptionally busy periods this could take 1-2 business days.

I Received A Chargeback While On Tebex Checkout. What Do I Do?

You no longer need to do anything. As our guide states, Tebex will handle and respond to all of your chargebacks from now on - you don't need to worry about this at all. As added reassurance, if we lose the chargeback, you will still keep your money (in line with our terms). This is the best chargeback protection we offer and you never need to worry about chargeback headaches again. This level of chargeback protection is only available on Tebex Checkout and will never be available on our legacy platform.

We may have to ask for your help to resolve an inquiry or chargeback, however, so you should ensure that your support email is checked regularly. You can set your support email on your Checkout store by going here.

My Statistics Changed When I Moved Onto Checkout - What Happened?

Due to moving to a different system entirely, your statistics will be reset, unfortunately, this cannot be avoided. However, this doesn’t reset your payments in your payments section, so you can still do payment exports and use third-party software, to use that data for your own statistical analysis. There is plenty of free software available, and you may find software such as Microsoft Excel useful when doing export analysis.

Can I Use Tebex Checkout To Take Payments For Other Services I Sell?

No, unfortunately, you cannot. Tebex Checkout must be used to either sell server-related in-game items, or scripts/mods if you are a content creator.

If what you want to sell doesn't fall into either of those categories please do get in touch with Tebex via with information on your business needs and we will provide clarification for you and let you know whether Tebex Checkout is the correct platform for you.

Should I Charge Tebex VAT/tax For Payouts?

Note: The below doesn't apply to UK-based sellers. If you are based in the UK, please contact us for more details.

No. The way this works is that when you as the seller license your goods to Tebex, this is a cross-border transaction between two businesses (B2B) and as such, we apply the reverse charge mechanism in the country of the buyer’s tax residency (i.e. the UK for Tebex). At no point are you selling goods to a customer (Tebex is the merchant who sells to the customer), so no other VAT is due from your side.

For you as the Seller, no tax is charged to Tebex as the supply is taxable the UK, as that is Tebex's country of residence, through the reverse charge mechanism, meaning we charge ourselves VAT and then claim it back.

My Withdrawal Was Rejected - Why Was This?

Rarely a withdrawal will not proceed, and you will receive an email informing you of why this has happened. The most common reason is adding a bank account with incorrect details, in this case, the withdrawal is cancelled so your funds are not lost to "the void", and your bank account method is automatically deactivated by Hyperwallet to avoid this occurring again.

If your withdrawal was rejected, just send us an email with your withdrawal transaction ID, and we'll try to provide you with some more information.

I Entered An Incorrect Email For My Paypal Withdrawal, What Happens To My Payout?

If the email you have entered is not a valid PayPal account, then PayPal will bounce these funds back to us in 30 days. We cannot speed up this process - the 30-day period is set by PayPal.

If the email you have entered is a valid PayPal account, then the funds will be delivered to that account.

You should ensure that the PayPal email you are entering is 100% typed correctly. Tebex will not replace funds that you send to the wrong account by mistake - it is your responsibility to ensure you enter your details correctly.

Can I Add Payout Methods For My Team Members, etc?

NO. Your payout methods must be owned by YOU, in YOUR name.

Using the wallet to pay other people, whether that is employees, team members, co-owners, family etc, is strictly forbidden by Hyperwallet and is fully in breach of their terms. Doing this will result in your account being locked by Hyperwallet.

Do not do this under any circumstances.

How Long Do Withdrawals Take To Process?

Please allow for the possibility that your withdrawal may be reviewed which may add 1 or 2 days to the total processing time.

PayPal - Up to 2 business days from the time the withdrawal request is approved.

Bank transfer/Wire transfer - Up to 7 business days from the time the withdrawal request is approved. Times may vary depending on the country/region.

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