RCON Adapter

The "RCON Adapter" is a self-hosted application that connects your webstore and your server together via the RCON protocol.

This integration replaces the RCON (Legacy) integration by providing more reliable command execution, player online/offline checking, and command success/failure checking.

When using the RCON Adapter, it will query Tebex for commands (just like a Tebex game server plugin would) and execute them on your server via an RCON connection.

It may be used in cases where a game server implements the RCON protocol but does not have a Tebex plugin available.

Officially Supported Games

It's recommended to use the RCON Adapter for these games in order to receive the most reliable integration experience:

  • Conan: Exiles

Please note that while the RCON Adapter can connect to any game server that implements RCON, we cannot guarantee full support for all games unless they are listed above.

How To Setup RCON Adapter

The RCON Adapter should be ran on dedicated server or virtual machine that is always online. It may also run from the same machine as your game server provided that shell access is available.

  1. Download the latest RCON Adapter to the location you wish to run it from.

  2. Unzip the RCON Adapter archive, and run Tebex-RCON.exe (Windows) or ./Tebex-RCON (Linux) to start the application.

  3. The program will run a guided setup that will prompt you for:

    • Your store's secret key

    • Your RCON connection information

      • If running the RCON Adapter on the same machine as your game server, set your RCON connection IP to

    • This information is saved to tebex-config.json if you wish to manually configure the Adapter.

  4. A connection attempt will be made and you will be brought to the console. If connection fails, you can restart setup with tebex.setup.

  5. Setup is successful once RCON connection is made. If connection is lost, the Adapter will attempt to reconnect once per minute. Each restart of the Adapter will attempt to connect to the same server again unless re-configured.

RCON Passthrough

The RCON adapter will pass any non-Tebex commands to the game serverโ€™s RCON, if connected. A Tebex command is always prefixed with tebex.

This is effectively an RCON client that you may use to communicate with the server and issue commands through the RCON adapter, if needed.

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