You can customise the appearance of your store to make it stand out and give it your unique flavour!

Changing Your Webstore Name

To change the name of your webstore:

  1. Go to Settings > Project

  2. Change your webstore name in the Name option.

You can upload a logo to your webstore by doing the following:

  1. Go to Settings > Project

  2. Click Upload to add your logo to your webstore.

Changing Your Webstore Favicon

You can upload a favicon to your webstore by doing the following:

  1. Go to Settings > Project

  2. Click Upload to add your custom favicon to your webstore.

Changing Your Webstore Template

The template is essentially the backbone of how your store is designed. We have various options available built into Tebex, these include:

  • Flat Template - This is one of our legacy templates and is included for free on your store. The template will show your products in a popup modal, instead of it's own dedicated page. There are various colour themes included with this template, allowing you to change your colour scheme easily. This is an old template but is still popular as many stores use this as a base for their customised templates. All future Tebex updates will occur automatically if you are using this template (as default, not as customised).

  • Abstract Template - This is a newer variation of our free templates. This is the default template that is activated upon store creation. There are various colour themes available as standard, although, the orange and pink themes are particularly popular amongst stores! As Abstract is a newer template, it is slightly different to Flat, with faster response times, and each product is displayed on its own page and does not use product popup modals. All future Tebex updates will occur automatically if you are using this template (as default, not as customised).

  • Premium Templates - You can view the available Premium templates by going to Webstore > Appearance > Template, then click 'Change'. Premium templates are sold by Tebex and are not included for free. There are easy to use customisation options such as vertical/horizontal navigation bar toggle, and easy to use Discord and Server IP linking - this is a great option for people who don't want to or don't know how to edit code. Our Premium templates are also usable on any plan, you are not required to be using Tebex Plus. Our Premium templates are webstore specific, non-refundable, and non-downloadable. By purchasing a Premium template, you are licensed to use our template for the lifetime of your webstore, and you cannot transfer your template to an alternate store. If we decide to update the template in the future, as long as you've not edited the template's code, your premium template will update automatically.

  • Custom Templates - You are absolutely welcome to use third-party templates that you have purchased elsewhere or templates you have coded yourselves. You will need to use the HTML editor to copy and paste your code if you have purchased a third-party template. Please note: Tebex cannot assist you in installing your template, and we cannot assist you in troubleshooting errors that occur due to your custom template code. Any Tebex updates will require you to edit your template code - Tebex cannot assist you in doing this.

To change your webstore template, head to Webstore > Appearance > Template and click 'Change' - from there, you can either activate a free template, such as Flat, or Abstract, view or purchase a Premium template, or launch the HTML editor to begin coding your custom template (Tebex Plus only).

Changing Your Webstore Theme

The webstore theme is essentially your colour scheme.

Go to Webstore > Appearance > Theme and click 'Choose a Theme' to view all of the available themes for your chosen template. Flat, Abstract and Premium templates all come with various themes as standard and are easily activated on your store with a single click.

Please note that you cannot activate a theme for Flat, on, for example, an Abstract template. You must use the themes available for your chosen template.

Custom Themes

You can also customise a theme in the CSS editor (this is a Tebex Plus feature), but please know that Tebex cannot guide you in how to customise your theme, or how to write your code, so please do not ask us. You should only consider customising your theme if you know how to code, or if you have bought a pre-made third-party theme.

At Tebex, providing support for this specific matter is beyond our scope. We understand that not everyone is familiar with programming, and in such cases, we suggest seeking assistance from a qualified contractor who has expertise in this area. You can share this article with them, as it contains sufficient information to help them develop a custom system tailored to your needs.

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