The webstore section in the Tebex admin encompasses a diverse set of features and functionalities to customize and manage your webstore effectively. These include:

  1. Appearance: Customize your webstore appearance by changing the name, uploading a logo and favicon, selecting a template and theme, and exploring custom themes. Enhance your webstore for a unique shopping experience.

  2. Sidebar Modules: Tebex Store offers full customisation of sidebar modules on the right-hand side, displaying various useful information to customers.

  3. Pages: Creating custom pages on your webstore allows adding any desired content without packages.

  4. Variables: The variables feature in Webstore allows requesting custom information from customers during product purchases, like choosing a color name tag for a VIP rank. You can create custom variables, such as {colour}, by adding options like dropdown menus, and then use them in package commands to personalize the customer's experience.

  5. Currencies: Giving you the ability to change the currency of your webstore for package purchases.

  6. Translations: Tebex Store supports over 30 languages by default, and you can enable your preferred language under Webstore > Translations. Note: Tebex Support is available in English only, so kindly ensure to translate your requests for effective assistance.

  7. Emails: In the webstore section of the Tebex admin, the emails section empowers creators to manage various email notifications, including enabling/disabling payment received, refund, and chargeback emails. Additionally, creators can add additional email recipients for specific notifications.

  8. Domains: The domains section allows a creator to manage the webstore's access and custom domain settings.

  9. Notifications: Enable real-time notifications on your webstore.

These functionalities in the webstore section empower you to tailor your online store, engage customers effectively, and create a seamless shopping experience for your community.

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