Seller Support Guidance

This page will provide you with guidance for providing support for your customers while using Tebex Checkout.

During the lifetime of your store, you may be contacted by customers for assistance with the products on your store. To help you give the best support to your customers, we've released this guidance so you can be prepared and know what to expect if you receive an email asking for help.

It is expected that your store provides your customers with sufficiently detailed product descriptions to minimise the questions your customers may contact you with, and help you inform your customers of any important information about the product. If you have not reviewed your product descriptions yet, please give this post a read for info on how you can write informative product descriptions that tell your customer everything they need to know.

When Tebex Contacts You For Support Assistance

Customers may also contact Tebex support and we'll help to resolve the issue that the customer is struggling with. There may be times when Tebex is unable to assist directly, such as problems using the product, in which case, Tebex will direct the customer to you as a seller. You are expected to provide sufficient assistance to help resolve the issue that the customer is facing within a suitable timeframe.

Tebex will add you to an email thread between Tebex and the customer where you will be able to see the issue the customer is facing. To make the support process as smooth as possible, you should expect to follow the following guidelines.

Response Timeframes

When Tebex first adds you to the email thread we state that you as the seller have 3 days to respond before Tebex will look at any further steps.

It is acceptable:

  • If you respond requesting additional time to resolve the problem, for example, in situations where programming work is required. Both Tebex and the customer should be informed of the new estimated timeframe for resolving the problem. However, this should not exceed 14 days.

It is not acceptable:

  • To actively accept payments on your store if there is nobody present within your gaming community to provide response times within 3 working days.

  • To ignore support requests.

Provide Support In The Email Thread

To ensure that Tebex has the most visibility possible on the steps that you are taking to resolve the issue, we request:

  • That all support provided be taken in the email thread that Tebex has access to.

This is important because if Tebex cannot see that any support is being provided, the payment may be refunded back to the customer. It is in your interest to ensure that Tebex and the customer are both kept informed and up to date on the status of the support request.


It is important that you remain professional when dealing with customers. For a more detailed breakdown of giving good customer service, please read this post.

It is requested that you:

  • Are polite to your customers, and any team members working for/with you are also instructed to be polite and courteous to your customers.

  • Listen and try to help where you can.

It is not acceptable:

  • To be rude, abusive or disrespectful to your customers.

  • To trade insults, call names, or be vulgar to your customers.

  • To doxx or leak private information of your customers.

Tebex has a duty to customers using Tebex Checkout, as such action may be taken when Tebex receives reports of poor conduct from sellers. Doing these unacceptable things that may result in your store facing repercussions.

The above is a short list of examples but isn't exhaustive. You should be aiming for providing good, friendly customer service that leaves your customer wanting to return to your store.

If You Can't Resolve The Issue

If you are unable to fix the problem the customer faces, you can do several things.

  • Contact Tebex support separately, quoting the transaction ID of the payment, and explain the situation. Tebex support will offer you some advice on what you can do next.

  • Apologise to the customer and offer a refund either by gift card, or through their original payment method. Please note that monetary refunds aren't available through some payment methods such as Paysafecard, or if the payment is old - in these cases, you should use a gift card.

  • Apologise and offer a replacement product for an equal or higher value.

If you are unable to offer a refund because your wallet does not hold sufficient funds to cover the payment, please contact and our team will advise you further.

Help Guides And Wikis

Many stores will have a separate forum or a wiki that provides info on the ingame product that is being sold. These will normally offer help via an FAQ for customers, so your admin team can spend more time on your server, instead of answering repetitive questions.

We absolutely recommend this for your store so that you are able to direct customers to a directory of information. It can simply be an FAQ page on your store (which you can create with a new Page), or it could be an external wiki on your website or forums. Spending the time to make these resources will save you a lot of time in the future and can make support easier for both you and the customer.


Below we will provide you with some examples of situations that you may face in dealing with customers. This may help you if you are new to customer support and you would like some guidance on how to approach some enquiries.

Hi Notch,

Sorry to hear you've had a problem using the rank you bought! I can see everything has been delivered, so all you need to do is type "/vip" ingame and you'll join the new VIP only channel and you can go to the new map at "/warp vip". We have instructions on how to use the benefits of VIP on our forums, here's the link <url>. If you still can't access your VIP and you've used the instructions, let me know and I'll walk you through it.

You can also contact an admin ingame who will try to help you.


Server Admin

The above example lets the customer know that they have received everything that they should have received, so there hasn't been a mistake! They've also been informed there are instructions that they can use and will probably solve their problem, but if not, we've let them know a few commands. We've also let them know that it's ok to ask for help again if they are struggling, and we'll help them, either ingame or by email.

Let's look at another example:

Hi Notch.

Thanks for purchasing this script. I'm sorry to hear that you are unhappy with your purchase because it's not compatible with your server. I'm afraid my script is for QBCore v x.x I don't guarantee compatibility with other frameworks or versions, and I do say this in the product description before you buy it, here's a link to the page <url>. I'm not willing to refund this payment because this isn't a fault with my script, but an incompatibility with your setup and that is out of my control.

I'm sorry I can't help you further, but don't be afraid of reaching out if you have any questions.


Server Admin

The above example shows that we understand the customer is unhappy that their product doesn't work, but unfortunately, this isn't a problem with the product, but a problem with the customer's server and compatibility. We've opted not to refund in this case as there isn't a fault on our side. If we wanted to we could refund, or offer a gift card or product exchange instead, but it is up to the seller whether they wish to honour this. We let the customer know that we advertise which frameworks and versions our script are compatible with, and we provided a link to where this info is plainly stated.

If You Cannot Locate A Payment

Rarely, a customer may contact you for assistance with a payment that you cannot locate in your store panel. The customer may provide you with screenshots of their email receipt and a transaction number, but when you search for this transaction number you receive 0 results.

Please be advised that it is extremely rare for situations like this to occur. To help resolve the situation quickly, we recommend:

  • That you direct the customer to Tebex support directly so we may assist them.

  • That you do not refund the payment externally.

  • That you inform the customer you are sorry for the inconvenience, but they must contact Tebex support regarding this issue as you cannot refund or offer assistance with a payment that you cannot locate.

If the payment is genuine and there has been an error on behalf of Tebex, we will need to be informed so we can rectify this and resolve the issue for the customer - as this pertains to a payment between Tebex and the customer, we need to speak directly to the customer.

If the payment is not genuine, and, for example, the screenshots have been altered with false information, Tebex will be able to determine this as we have access to far more information about payments than is available on the seller's payment panel. While the vast majority of customers who pay via Tebex act in good faith, it is possible that some customers may try to take advantage of you or scam you for a refund they are not due. Please remember that Tebex will never inform a customer that you, the seller, should refund them externally - if in doubt, please contact Tebex support for guidance via

In all circumstances, do not refund externally and direct the customer to Tebex support.

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