Conan Exiles

Tebex officially supports integration with your Conan: Exiles server via our RCON Adapter. Please follow its setup guide before creating your store packages.

Setting Up Store Commands

For Conan: Exiles, most useful in-game commands are available via the con RCON command. This runs a console command on a certain user, as opposed to an RCON command on the server.

Console commands may also be referred to as Admin commands.

For Conan: Exiles, any package which runs a Console command must be prefixed with con {id} to route that command to the correct player.

This is because Conan uses the index of the player in the online players list as the ID for the con command. The RCON Adapter will automatically translate the username to the appropriate ID when the command is due.

Store Command Example

For giving an item to the player, the format is as follows:

con {id} spawnitem {itemid} {quantity}

So to give a player 5 Stone (item ID 10001) at purchase, your webstore package’s command should be:

con {id} spawnitem 10001 5

Conan Console Commands

A these commands may be useful when building your store. This is not a comprehensive list - all console commands for Conan Exiles may be found at the Official Wiki here.


Learn Emote

LearnEmote [emote]

Toggle God


Player Can Build Everywhere

PlayerCanBuildEverywhere [PlayerName]

Level Follower

LevelFollowerUpTo [Value]

Follower Attributes

SetFollowerStat [stat] [value]

Player Attributes

SetStat [stat] [value]

Teleport Player

TeleportPlayer X[float] Y[float] Z[float]

Toggle Sprint Cost




Toggle Invisibility


Fill Player Purge Meter


Fill Player Clan Purge Meter


Empty Player Clan Purge Meter


Fill All Clan Purge Meters


Empty All Clan Purge Meters


Start Purge


End Purge


Start Next Purge


Start Next Wave


Toggle Player List


Damage Target

DamageTarget [Value]

Destroy Target


Spawn Item

SpawnItem [ItemID] [Quantity]

Broadcast Message

BroadcastMessage [Message]

Set Server Setting

SetServerSetting serverSetting[FString] Value[FString]

Set Energy Player

SetEnergy [type] [Value]

Notable Behaviors

When using the RCON adapter for Conan, it’s important to note the following behaviors that are normal and should be expected:

  • Commands run by the adapter will be shown in the server console as “Received Rcon:”

  • Conan’s Server commands can be detected as succeeded or failed appropriately.

  • Conan’s Console/Admin commands may report success even if the command failed, this is a limitation of the game per-command.

    • Ex. running con {id} spawnitem 1001 5 will report a success from the game server even though the item ID is invalid.

  • To avoid issuing duplicate commands, all console commands will assume successful execution as long as the player is online.

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