ARK: Survival Evolved

You can integrate Tebex Store with your ARK: Survival Evolved server by using our official ArkServerAPI plugin. You can download the plugin from the plugins section of your control panel.

Watch Ted set up ARK, give items and spawn dinosaurs ingame in this tutorial video:

Installing The Plugin On Your ARK: SE Server

  1. Ensure that your server is running the ARK: Server API.

  2. Download the plugin from the plugins section of the Tebex Store control panel.

  3. Unzip the downloaded file, and copy the entire TebexArk directory into your ARK: Server API plugins directory (usually 'ShooterGame\Binaries\Win64\ArkApi\Plugins\').

  4. Restart your server to load the TebexArk plugin - you should see in your logs that the plugin is loaded.

  5. Type the following command in the console (Replace the secret key with your secret key found on the game servers section of the control panel. Click edit on your server to find the secret key):

cheat tebex:secret (Your Secret Key)

​ Check your server log file to confirm the plugin has been set up correctly, or enter a chat window and type !donate in game - if a link to your webstore is displayed you have successfully set up the plugin!

Webhooks / RCON / MySQL Integration

You can also integrate your game server or website using our MySQL, RCON or Webhook integrations.

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