This page will provide information on setting up and using your Tebex wallet.

Creating Your Wallet

When you create your Tebex account for the first time, you will need to set up your wallet so you can easily withdraw your funds to your private accounts.

Head to Payments > Wallet where you will be prompted to setup your wallet:

Click 'Setup My Wallet' and you will be prompted to choose an email address for your wallet. It is possible to use a separate email account for your store and for your wallet.

You will now be taken to the wallet where you need to enter your details:

It is very important that you use your genuine name and address. This is because:

  • As part of routine financial regulation checks, you will be asked for your ID so we can verify to who we're sending money.

  • If you ever lose access to your account, we will ask for your ID as part of account recovery. If your details do not match the ID provided, we may not be able to assist you. Read more here.

Please ensure you manually type your details as using autofill can reset the form.

Adding A Payout Method

When you have entered your personal details, you will then be taken to set up your payout method.

When you are adding your payout method, you will be required to select your region, currency and your prefered payout method.

Some regions do not have all payout methods available, and you will only be able to select the payout methods available in that region.

You can only register your PayPal email address with one wallet only.

In addition, you should remember that withdrawals are not instant and may be subject to fees. Where possible we recommend using PayPal as your payout method as it is the fastest option for withdrawals with the lowest fee. Bank and wire transfers can take up to 10 days to be in your account, the speed will depend on your region and bank.

Points To Note

  • When you add a payout method to your wallet there is a 5 day security period where you may not withdraw to that account. This is to protect you and your funds, should anyone gain access to your account.

  • Your first withdrawal is limited to $1000 USD, after which the limit is removed.

  • Some withdrawals will be reviewed, this is to comply with financial regulations. If your withdrawal is reviewed, it will normally be processed within 1 working day. If you are concerned about your review or your review was rejected, please contact support@tebex.io where one of our team will be happy to help.

Linking A Store To An Existing Wallet

When you need to link your store to your existing wallet. Simply head to https://server.tebex.io/wallet where you will be prompted to link your store to this wallet.

As you cannot have more than one wallet on Tebex, there is no need to create a brand new wallet when you want to link your store.

Please contact support@tebex.io if you have questions or you struggle to link your wallet.

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