MySQL integration allows you to send MySQL statements (Such as INSERT commands) to your own MySQL database instantly after a payment is made on your webstore. This is especially useful for games such as Counter Strike: GO.

To add an SQL command you would like to execute, you will need to enter the SQL statement in a package command field just like you would do for a game related command. Where possible we recommend using stored procedures to prevent needing to transmit long/complex SQL statements. Make sure to select your MySQL server when adding the command to your packages.

How To Setup MySQL

  1. Go to Game Servers.

  2. Click Connect Game Server.

  3. Select the MySQL Server and click Continue.

  4. Enter the following options:


  1. Name - The name of this server (MySQL for example).

  2. MySQL Host - The host address of your MySQL server.

  3. MySQL Port - The port the server is running on (3306 is the default MySQL port).

  4. MySQL User - The username of a MySQL account.

  5. MySQL Password - The password for the above MySQL username.

  6. MySQL Database - The database of the MySQL server you want to run the statements on.

Once you have entered the information above, click test connection - if the connection succeeds, you can then click create. You can now enter MySQL statements within packages to execute on your database.


For security purposes we recommend you enable SSL on your MySQL server and create a new MySQL user for command execution that only has privileges on tables specifically needed for this purpose.

When sending commands to MySQL servers, any special characters within placeholders will be escaped - for example if {message} was replaced with "check out this player's purchase", we would automatically escape to "check out this player\'s purchase".


Please note that MySQL commands do not support (And never will) online/offline player checking and inventory space support.

Ensure commands are set up to run on the correct servers from the package settings (as well as coupon/sale commands, global commands etc) - trying to run a SQL command in - game or an in-game command on MySQL could have unintended consequences.

If we cannot connect to your MySQL server we will delay execution of the command by 1 hour and try again.

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