Seller Protection and Chargebacks

What is Tebex Seller Protection?

Tebex prides itself on being a trusted name in the gaming industry as the best game monetization engine. Some of our biggest benefits include 3-day payouts and no hidden fees. A third benefit is our Seller Protection, which means Tebex will protect (within reason) all your transactions, and whether we win or lose those disputes, you’ll never lose any of your earnings. Seller Protection gives our creators peace of mind and removes the pains of dealing with chargebacks, distracting you from your community and continued growth and success!

What is a chargeback?

A chargeback or dispute is a demand from a customer’s payment method for a payment to be returned to their account. The customer contacts their payment method (usually their bank), who investigates the claim. If the claim is valid, the merchant will be charged for the cost of the transaction with an additional chargeback fee. Tebex handles chargebacks for you as part of our seller protection. We also notify creators so that you can offer support to the customer in order to resolve the issue that led to the chargeback.

Why are chargebacks a problem?

Seller protection is there to help protect you, but chargebacks can still be a threat to a store. In extreme cases, when the number of chargebacks is too high, your store can be disabled and your wallet locked for at least 30 days. This prevents you from withdrawing funds or making sales. Some situations aren’t covered by seller protection, making you liable for the costs incurred by chargebacks. We always inform you if this is the case, but for more information, please see our Creator Agreement and Acceptable Use Policy.

Why do chargebacks happen?

  • Fraud - the card-holder believes the card was used without authorisation.

  • Package not received - the consumer didn’t receive the product.

  • Package wasn't as described - the product wasn’t as described or doesn’t work properly.

  • Subscription issue - the customer forgets about a recurring subscription and feels they were charged unfairly.

How can I reduce chargebacks?

  • Make sure your product descriptions are detailed and accurate - customers need to know exactly what they’re purchasing. Ensure the product descriptions are correct and comprehensive. Don't advertise ‘coming soon’ features without making this exceptionally clear these won’t be available immediately.

  • Provide great customer support - as the merchant, we will always aim to provide effective and helpful support in the first instance; however, you should still provide your own support through a dedicated page, your store’s support email, or your community’s Discord Server. If players can find support from you directly, they're less likely to seek support from their payment method.

  • Foster a positive, safe and friendly community - sadly, sometimes, chargebacks are initiated out of spite due to issues they have with creators or the community. It’s not always possible to prevent these, but providing a positive space correlates with a lower chargeback rate.

If a customer has a billing issue that you can’t resolve yourself, you can send customers over to our dedicated Buyer Support Team here.

If you’re in doubt or want more information on how to reduce chargebacks, feel free to reach out to our Content & Safety Team.

I’ve received a chargeback - what happens now?

Most products sold with us have Tebex Seller Protection. Tebex will investigate and defend the chargeback on your behalf. We may contact you (via your store's support email) to request further information. Seller Protection protects you from financial loss or fees in the event of a Chargeback - even if Tebex loses the dispute. It's important to note that certain stores may not qualify for this coverage, typically due to their package delivery methods. We will notify you if your products do not have seller protection. We encourage you to reach out with any questions you may have or any evidence you may have available that the customer has received and used the product they purchased. You can do this by contacting our Content & Safety Team.


  • How do I know if my payments and products are covered by seller protection? You can check in your payment tab for specific payments, or contact Content & Safety to check. We’ll also notify you if seller protection is removed from a product.

Payments over $1000 USD won't be eligible to be covered by Seller Protection, even if you're otherwise in good standing and haven't had an issue with chargebacks before. See clause 7.7 of the Creator Agreement for more information.

  • Can my store be disabled for receiving too many chargebacks?

    We can withdraw services entirely due to the volume of chargebacks, but always work to support creators in preventing and handling chargebacks. If you’re concerned, please get in contact with our Content & Safety Team.

  • I no longer have access to funds because of chargebacks, what can I do?

    Please get in contact with our Content & Safety Team to discuss this with us.

  • I have had funds deducted from my wallet because of chargebacks, why has this happened?

    We’ll contact you to explain this, but usually it’s as a result of Clause 6.7 of our Creator Agreement.

  • How long will it take for chargebacks to be dealt with?

    These are handled on a case-by-case basis and rely on the review times of payment processors.

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