Space Engineers

Tebex is the provider of the official monetization solution for Space Engineers. We aim to ensure that as many servers as possible can rely on our service, so we provide two integrations:

  1. Space Engineers Vanilla Dedicated Servers

  2. TorchAPI

You can download the plugins for both server types from your control panel.

For the Vanilla Dedicated Server, we also publish our companion plugin to help you get up and running quickly. To find out more about how the vanilla integration works, or how to add your own custom rewards in game, click here.

Installing the TorchAPI Plugin on your TorchAPI Server

  1. Download the TorchAPI plugin from the plugins section of the control panel.

  2. Copy the entire into your TorchAPI plugins directory (usually named Plugins).

  3. Restart Torch to load the TebexTorchAPI plugin - you should see in your logs that the plugin is loaded.

  4. Start your server, and once the server has started use the chat inside Torch to provide your secret.(Replace the secret key with your secret key found on the game servers section of the control panel):

!tebex:secret (Your Secret Key)

Installing TebexSE On Your Vanilla Space Engineers Server

  1. Download the TebexSE plugin from the plugins section of the Tebex Control Panel.

  2. Unzip the file, and copy the TebexSE.dll, 0Harmony.dll and Newtonsoft.Json.dll files to your server

  3. [optional] If you are using our companion plugin, download the companion plugin here, and copy TebexSECompanion.dll to your server.

  4. Update the <Plugins /> section of SpaceEngineers-Dedicated.cfg to load in the TebexSE plugins you uploaded (you don't need to add reference to the dependencies).

  5. Add the secret key to TebexSE.cfg (in the TebexSE zip), and upload to the same location as SpaceEngineers-Dedicated.cfg on your server (Replace the secret key with your secret key found on the game servers section of the control panel. Click edit on your server to find the secret key):

<TebexSecret>(Your Secret Key)</TebexSecret>

That's everything set up! Restart your server and look for the plugin to be loaded in the logs - if a link to your webstore is displayed you have successfully setup the plugin

Connecting A Space Engineers Vanilla Dedicated Server - Video Guide

This video will show Ted setting up an Space Engineers Vanilla server step by step. If you follow along, you will have your own Space Engineers server set up in no time.

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