Tips for getting your store application approved

In collaboration with the Content & Safety Team, we have put this guide together to help you get through the application process.

Default Content

Your Tebex storefront homepage is a very important part of your journey into monetization. It's the face of your game community, content, or game server and the first impression that potential customers have of your brand. Take the time to optimize your homepage to make a positive and lasting impression on your customers. With an appealing and easy-to-navigate homepage, you can drive sales, increase revenue, and achieve your monetization goals. Remember, every detail counts when creating a successful online business.

A well-designed homepage that provides detailed information about the products you are monetizing can help us understand what we will be monetizing on your behalf and also instils confidence in potential customers about your products.

Try to include as much information as possible on your homepage. We recommend the following:

  • When you were established

  • Your story

  • Ways to contact you, such as social media links

  • Any upcoming updates or new content

It's important to note that stores that apply to go live with default content are not accepted, so we recommend customizing your store's public-facing pages by visiting

Product Descriptions

We know it can be tricky to know what to write in your descriptions, especially when you’re only just starting out with your store. Let’s have a look together at what should be included in your descriptions to help your store stand out from the crowd.

Product descriptions are also one of the main reasons why store applications are declined.

Why are descriptions important?

You know what you’re selling, your community knows what you’re selling, so why do you need to include anything in your descriptions at all? When you create your store, Tebex acts as the merchant of record, which means we are selling the goods on your behalf. You still own your store and get to control what is sold (providing the goods are in line with our Acceptable Use Policy, but we need to have a good understanding of what you’re selling in each package to ensure we can both sell the goods and support the package when it comes to Seller Protection.

Having detailed descriptions also helps to increase the chance of your store application being approved when you first create your store. As of January 2024, around 50% of our store applications are declined due to a lack of information in the descriptions, so it’s important that you help give both us and your customers a great understanding of what you’re selling.

What should I include in my descriptions?

Realistically - as much information as possible. The way we like to think about it is, would someone who doesn’t know anything about your community understand what you’re selling? If the answer is no, you may want to consider adding some more information to your description(s).

The most important thing is ensuring it’s clear what your customers will receive. You don’t need to write lengthy paragraphs detailing every item, but there should be enough information to get a good understanding of what you’re selling. If you have some information already in your Discord or game server, feel free to copy and paste this over to your package descriptions if it’s relevant.

Images and videos are also a great way to show what you’re selling. Feel free to add as many images to your descriptions as you like, and/or include any links to showcase or preview videos on YouTube (or similar platforms).

If you have written your description and you’re unsure, you could always ask a friend for their opinion, or email our Content & Safety team ( for a chat about descriptions. We might sound scary, but we’re always happy to help our creators where we can!

Is there a checklist of things I should include?

An official one - no. A handy one you can refer back to at any time - yes! Here are some things that we like to see in descriptions;

  • What your customers will receive on purchase, including a breakdown of any perks, commands or items

  • What kind of features will this bring to your customer's game? How will it make their gameplay better? What makes it different to other ranks/scripts?

  • If license keys are being used for your deliverables, some instructions on how to redeem these should be provided

  • If the goods must be delivered by an admin or yourself, relevant claim instructions should be included in your descriptions along with a link to anything they should have access to to do this. Such as instructions to open a ticket on Discord along with a link to your server. Please note, these packages should still have a valid deliverable, such as a Discord role, so we are still delivering something to the customer..

  • If selling a pack with multiple items included, such as a bundle, kit or crate keys, a breakdown of the goods that are included in the relevant kit/crate/bundle should be disclosed

  • If your customers can choose between certain goods, these goods must be accessible and viewable from the package description, without joining a server or providing personal details. This can be an external link, or images/a list in your description

  • Information about the server or game version the goods are compatible with, where necessary

Not all of these will be applicable to all packages and stores, so don’t feel like you need to include everything listed above. You can pick out the things that are relevant to you, and even create your own list to refer back to later.

Let's look at some examples…

Like to learn from looking at examples? We've got you covered! In this example, we’ll be looking at what the description for a rank in a Minecraft store should look like;

The Diamond Rank is active for 1 month, and you will receive the following rewards;

Access to the /fly command

Diamond tag in the server

Light blue particle trail

DIAMOND prefix in-game

1 x Diamond Kit;

This description states everything the customer will receive, including the contents of the kit and how long the rank will last. If you would prefer to list any items received in a kit, you can include this instead of a screenshot.

If you wish to include crate keys in your ranks or sell crate keys separately, the contents of the relevant crate(s) should also be included in your package description;

The items you can receive from this crate are;

1 x Diamond Sword

1 x Diamond Pickaxe

1 x Diamond Shovel

1 x Diamond Axe

1 x Diamond Hoe

1 x Diamond Helmet

1 x Diamond Chestplate

1 x Diamond Leggings

1 x Diamond Boots

1 x Diamond

Or if visuals are more your thing, you can include a screenshot of the items included in the crate;

Please note that some goods, such as crates, are not permitted for sale by all payment processors supported by Tebex and some game authors. Always ensure you check what you can and can’t sell on your chosen platform before creating your store.

Now let’s look at an example description for a FiveM script;

With this Garage Script, you will be able to do and access the following;

  • Your own garage, holding up to 14 vehicles

  • Place your garage anywhere, and move it whenever you want

  • Customise your vehicles from your garage

  • Immersive menu to view and manage your garage

  • Open your garage to guests, or lock it for more privacy

  • Customise the appearance of your garage, including doors and entryways

Preview: (Insert a link to your YouTube video showcasing the goods)

You don’t have to include a link to a video showing your script if you don’t want to, but if you do not wish to do this, some more information and images should be included instead.

The more information, the better. Really try to sell your packages to your customers whilst also disclosing enough information about the goods they will receive.


Always make sure that you are utilising all available product delivery methods that we have available for the game you are monetizing.

Ideally, game commands should be utilised, such as LuckPerms for Minecraft and Oxide for Rust. Our dedicated Technical Support Team are readily available to answer any questions you may have about automated delivery for the games we currently support so you can provide a smooth, automated service to your customers that will not require further input from you.

If you find yourself unable to deliver your items automatically at the time of purchase, you should include instructions for the customer to follow once their purchase has been completed, such as raising a ticket in Discord or speaking to someone in-game.

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