Fraud Analysis

Tebex's state-of-the-art fraud analysis is expertly designed to provide you with an advanced shield against potential fraudulent orders. By meticulously assessing orders displaying an elevated risk of fraud, Tebex mitigates the potential for chargebacks originating from your store—an aspect where Tebex offers comprehensive protection via our chargeback insurance. Exercising caution when dealing with high-risk orders is of utmost importance, as proceeding with such transactions could contribute to an increased occurrence of chargebacks. At Tebex, we maintain the highest level of caution in managing instances of fraud. The acceptance of payments is important to Tebex and it is in the best interest of Tebex and our creators to accept as many payments as possible in a safe manner.

In situations like these, Tebex responds swiftly by not only limiting the buyer's access to the platform by declining a suspicious transaction, ensuring we keep fraud to a minimum on the Tebex platform and protecting your reputation with the card networks. Think of the fraud filter in Tebex as the in game anti-cheat software that makes your gaming experience more safe and enjoyable. There will always be declines, this is the nature of eCommerce, but as time goes on and our system evolves we can be confident that we are capturing the right payments from our community.

How does it work:

Safeguarding Transactions: Picture this: your valued customers are immersed in your game, utilizing their credit cards to finalize their purchases. Upon the completion of each transaction, the intricate system of the online store seamlessly shares comprehensive transaction details with our Fraud Analysis system.

Uncovering Clues: Think of our Fraud Analysis system as a diligent guardian. It analyzes each transaction, considering the shopping destinations of your customers, their expenditure levels, and their purchasing history.

Identifying Unusual Trends: Much like a detective, our system cross-references your customers' ongoing transactions. If anything appears out of the ordinary or strays from their usual behaviors, such as an unexpected purchase, it raises a virtual warning.

Signalling High-Risk Scenarios: Whenever Tebex detects a potential concern, a comprehensive review takes place, ensuring we’re not supporting fraudulent activity on your store.

Preventing Fraud: In situations where our system holds strong suspicions, it then decides to either accept or decline the transaction.

Learning and Advancing: As our system consistently observes transactions, it improves and becomes smarter over time. Meaning more buyers can enjoy your products than ever before.

As a creator, if you suspect one of your buyers has had their purchase declined falsely and may be a false positive, please advise your buyer to contact Tebex support with their tbx transaction ID and we can review the transaction for them.

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