Payment Exports

Payment Exports help you take your payment statistics outside of Tebex for use in external applications and for analytical purposes.

Payment Exports allow you to request a spreadsheet (CSV) of your payment information. You can either request a Payment Export for all payments on your store 'from the beginning of time' or you can filter down and then request an export, only the filtered payments will be included in the export.

Requesting a Payment Export

To start, sign-in to your Control Panel - make sure you're logged into the store you'd like to request an export for. When you're logged in head over to the Payments Page and, if you'd like to do so, filter down the payments you'd like to include in your export. If you'd like all payments to be included, you don't need to filter down.

Only the payments displayed on the Payments Page (and on all subsequently numbered pages, if there are multiple) will be included in your export.

Once the payments you'd like to export are displaying, we can request the export. To do this, click the 'Export' button in the top-right as shown below:

You'll then be warned that you're about to request an export, press 'Export' again to continue.

Now, for security, you will have been sent a code to your registered email. To continue, copy and paste the code you receive into the box on the page that is displaying.

Viewing a Payment Export

Once you've done the above, the export should now be processing and you should've been taken to a list of your Payment Exports. You might need to wait a few moments and refresh the page (linked above) to see the export you just requested. Just so you know, you'll also receive an email when the export is ready and the owner of the store (if you're using a Team Account) will be alerted that an export has been requested.

To download the export in question, click 'Download' from the exports list as show. You can also delete any exports if you wish by clicking the 'Delete' next to the export you wish to remove.

Payment Exports are visible to everyone who has permission to see them on a Team Account. The following two permissions would be need to be granted to allow a user full access to Payment Exports: Payments - Create & Edit (to create an export) Reports - View (to view an export)

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