Subdomain & Custom Domain

When you first create a webstore it will be accessible from a subdomain. For example your webstore address might look like

Changing Your Subdomain

  1. Go to Webstore > Domain.

  2. Enter your Subdomain in the subdomain configuration box.

  3. Click Save.

What If The Subdomain I Want To Use Is Taken?

If you're attempting to use a subdomain which has already been used by another store we unfortunately cannot make this subdomain available to you (Even if it seems like its inactive). We have automated systems in place which automatically release subdomains to the public which have been inactive for over a year.

Why Can't I Use a Buycraft Subdomain?

We changed our company name and branding some years ago, and while we're often still known by people as Buycraft, this is no longer our branding. New stores will be set to the subdomain, and we cannot change this to Buycraft upon request, so please do not request this of us.

Using A Custom Domain Name

If you'd like to use your own domain name such as you can read our helpful guide below to get started. Please ensure that you own a domain name before starting this guide, if you do not own a domain name you can purchase one from a domain registrar such as GoDaddy or Namecheap.

Configuring Your Custom Domain In The Tebex Control Panel

  1. Go to Webstore > Domain.

  2. Click Setup in the domain configuration box.

  3. In the popup you should enter the custom domain that you'd like to use, for example

  4. Copy the DNS record provided (it will be in the format of and save this for later.

  5. Create a CNAME record of your custom domain pointing to the previously copied DNS record from above. Please see below for help on how to create this CNAME record and do not proceed with the next step until you've created your CNAME record.

  6. Click Setup.

Creating The DNS Record On Your Domain Name

In the previous setup steps you have told Tebex Store which custom domain you would like to use. You now need to create the DNS records within your domain name to link it to the Tebex Platform. Below is an example of how to do this via CloudFlare DNS but the instructions should remain similar if you are using an alternative DNS provider. If you are confused at how to create DNS records for your domain name you should contact your domain registrar for more information.

How To Create The DNS Record Within CloudFlare DNS

  1. Login to CloudFlare

  2. Go to the DNS tab and scroll down to your DNS records.

  3. In the box where you can add a new record, select CNAME from the dropdown list on the left. Then, in the name field, enter store (or whatever the first part of your custom domain is).

  4. In the next field labeled Domain Name enter your provided DNS record when setting up your custom domain name (it will be in the format of

  5. Disable the orange cloud - it is very important you do this.

  6. Click Add Record.

  7. Wait a few minutes and attempt to access your store with your newly created custom domain name. If you can access your store, everything is setup!

An example of how it should look in CloudFlare is listed in the image below:​

Custom Domain Help Video

Watch our YouTube video for a step-by-step guide on how to set up your custom domain.