Answers to questions which are frequently asked by our customers.

How can I find my secret key?

The secret key is used to link one of our official plugins with your game server so your customers can receive the packages they have purchased.

If you haven't already created a game server you can do so by heading over to the game servers page of your control panel.

After you have created your game server, click edit, and then you will see your secret key. For security purposes we don't display your full secret key, however, you can view it by clicking "Show Secret Key".

Are Premium Templates account-wide?

No, premium templates are store specific and are non-transferable and non-refundable. However, premium templates are a great "plug-and-go" option for stores and give you a nice base for which to customise your store. Unfortunately, we are not able to recommend designers to you, but there are many around who would be able to help with customising your store further.

I sell FiveM scripts/mods, but I don't run a FiveM server. What type of store should I use?

You will need to use the FiveM store type only - this is due to our partnership with CFX. Please make sure you are using the correct store type to avoid any disruption to your store at a later date.

What is the best gateway to fight chargebacks?

Tebex Checkout is the absolute best option for your chargeback protection. You can read more here or check our Checkout FAQ here.

The standalone gateways that we provide on legacy Tebex (this means not the Tebex Checkout platform) do not provide automatic dispute responses, and as such you will need to collect your own evidence and provide this in a response to the payment provider.

Can I change my store type after my store has been created?

This is unfortunately not possible. Please ensure that you have selected the correct store type for your game server to prevent the need of re-making your store on the correct type later on.

If you do need to create a new store, and but you have already paid for your subscription, please contact us and we'll happily credit your new store with your remaining subscription time.

Can I export my entire store?

Unfortunately, this isn't possible - apologies if this causes inconvenience, however, this will likely never be possible.

How do I set up a ranking system so my customers only pay the difference when upgrading to a higher rank?

You should enable the 'Cumulative packages' option in your category settings. This setting will calculate the difference in price for you so you don't need to manually configure a ranking system.

Can I set a spending limit on my store to protect myself in case of chargebacks?

Yes, but this is only for legacy Tebex stores, and you can do this here. The spending limit is per customer.

The payment gateway I want to use isn't listed. Can I create my own gateway instead?

Unfortunately, this is a deprecated feature that we no longer support. Custom gateways can be unreliable, causing issues for your store for which Tebex support cannot assist you. We would recommend you try to use one of our existing third party gateways such as Stripe or PayPal or consider Tebex Checkout as a solution.

What's the best way to test my product commands work?

You should look at creating a manual payment - avoid making real transactions to test your commands. You can find instructions here.

Can I pay for my Tebex plan without a subscription?

Yes, you can. You can pay for one-off purchases for your plan if you are on Plus, Premium, or Ultimate. The purchases take effect immediately and are for the entire duration of the plan, and as such are non-refundable.

How does my customer cancel their subscription?

There is a slight difference between the legacy platform and Tebex Checkout to take into account with subscriptions.

When your customer subscribes to your store, they will receive two emails. One email will be their sales receipt, and the other email will be information about their subscription to your store. Inside this information email is a link to cancel the subscription. Each time the subscription renews, the customer will receive a new email that includes a cancellation link. Your customer will need to keep hold of this so they can easily manage their subscription. Alternatively, you as the store owner or the customer can cancel the subscription from within your payment provider account (not within Tebex).

For Tebex Checkout stores only, Tebex can also manage and cancel the subscription on the behalf of the customer if they get in touch through our contact form.

How can I rename my store?

Simply head to your Preferences section under the Design tab, here.