Sales are a great way to offer a promotion across all your webstore or a certain set of packages/categories. Sales are proven to increase revenue across your webstore when used properly.

How To Create A Sale

  1. Go to Engagement > Sales.

  2. Click Create Your First Sale.

  3. Enter the following options:


  1. Name - Enter the name of your sale (This is not shown to customers).

  2. Effective On - Select what you want this sale to be effective on. You can select packages, categories, or your entire store. Each option will allow you to select multiple or single packages/categories.

  3. Discount Type - Select the type of discount you want this sale to have. You can either enter a fixed amount (e.g. 5 dollars), or a percentage amount such as 25%. If you only want this sale to execute commands (if the sale for example gives additional free items which are not normally included in packages) you can select this option instead.

  4. Start Date - This is the date when this sale will become active on your store.

  5. Expiry Date - This is the date when the sale will be removed from your store.

  6. Commands - Just like you would when creating packages, you can enter commands to execute if a package is purchased while this sale is active.

Once you have entered the options above, click Create, and your sale (If the start date is before the current date) will become active. Happy selling!