Overview Of Enterprise

The Enterprise Plan is only available on our legacy platform. We would recommend Tebex Checkout in nearly all situations above Enterprise as it is a superior product that offers far more convenience to you. However, if you are a store on the legacy platform and you are considering upgrading to Enterprise, please continue reading to view what the Enterprise plan offers. Enterprise has been designed for commercially driven gaming communities that expect the highest standards of their webstore solution. Please note, that Enterprise is not available for FiveM or Discord stores.

Enterprise includes features such as:

  1. Uptime SLAs.

  2. Prioritised support.

  3. Dedicated account managers.

  4. Gift Cards

  5. Custom reporting and analytics.

  6. Abandoned basket recovery

  7. And much more (View your game page here for more information on the benefits of Enterprise).

We tailor the Enterprise Plan to each server and pricing varies depending on the size of your company and expected processing volumes. Our base price starts from £49.99 a month plus a 1% transaction fee on all transactions once your monthly volume passes £7,500 (We only charge the 1% fee on transactions after £7,500 per month).

The Enterprise plan has been used by some of the largest gaming communities across the world, many of which are very well-known, but more and more have made the conversion to Tebex Checkout instead. The Enterprise plan is still offered to our customers on the legacy platform, however, and if you're interested in learning more about the Enterprise Plan or you want a sales representative to get back to you please contact us via [email protected]