Checkout Bans

This feature empowers you to ban specific players from making purchases on your webstore. You can choose from multiple identification options, including In-game username, UUID, or IP address. Please note that executing this action will restrict the user from purchasing 'Packages' from your store. ℹ️ Disclaimer this does require the Plus plan which can be purchased - here.

Accessing this Feature

  • Navigate to you're sidebar on you're dashboard
  • Select ' Customers '
  • Select ' Bans '
  • Select ' Create Ban '
  • Fill out the form you are presented with
  • Select the ' Ban ' button
  • Once complete the Buyer will be banned from purchasing products from you're webstore.
  • To review all webstore-wide bans, navigate to the ' Bans ' section. Once a ban has been created, you'll find a comprehensive overview of the prohibitions listed.
  • In this section, you can either ' View Reason ' for the ban or ' Unban ' the user.
  • To unban a user, navigate to your webstore's ' Bans ' page. Choose the user you wish to unban and click on ' Unban.' Confirm the unban request to complete the process.
Last modified 29d ago