Downloadable Packages

You can also create and sell downloadable products on your store - this is ideal for content creators who wish to sell products such as scripts or plugins for server owners. Downloadable packages are very quick and convenient and will ensure automatic delivery of your product download so you no longer have to maintain this manually.

To create a downloadable package go to:

  1. Webstore>Packages

  2. Click "Add New Package" and select the relevant option at the bottom of the page. You can read more about our deliverable options by reading our guide here.


  1. All options are the same as a normal package, listed above.

  2. Link to Downloadable Content (Legacy Tebex platform only) - Enter your download link for your product. This will be automatically sent to the customer via email a few minutes after the purchase is completed. This link can include 2 variables: {transactionid}and {username, which you can use to ensure that the item is only downloaded once per purchase for example.

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