Sidebar Modules

Tebex Store offers full customisation of the modules on the right hand side of your webstore. Modules allows you to display all types of useful information to your customers on your store.

Add A New Module To Your Store

  1. Go to Webstore > Sidebar.

  2. Click Create Module.

  3. Select the type of module you want to display on your store. We have listed these below for your information.

  4. Enter the options which each module may request.

  5. Click Create.

  6. You may drag and drop the modules so they are organised how you want them to be after creating your new module.

Available Modules

You can select from a wide array of modules to display on your store.

Community Goals

Show your customers how close you are to funding a community goal. There are some settings for this module, such as the animation of the progress bar, start/end date etc. Don't forget that you need to associate your module with a community goal that you have already created. You can find our guide on creating a community goal here.

Draw attention to a specific package and display it prominently on the front of your store. This is ideal for popular products, or if you want to highlight a seasonal product or a sale on a specific product. We often see this used for Black Friday, Easter or festive Christmas bundles etc that are only available for a short time period.

Gift Card Balance

Allow customers to check the balance of their gift cards. Please note that this is only really useful for stores that are either on Enterprise or on Plus.

Payment Goal

Set a goal of monthly payments on your store so customers know if you have enough money to fund your server or project. You can set a period of when this will be calculated. You can set a daily, weekly goal etc. to let your customers know how far there is to go!

Recent Payments

Display a list of recent payments to your webstore. Depending on your store type, customers who purchase on your store will be displayed with their username and an image of their character/character head. Customers often like seeing their name displayed as it means they are supporting your server community, and it's completely automatic with no further input from you, so we'd recommend setting this module up! There are some settings for this module, such as how many customers are displayed at once, we would recommend staying with the default 5 payments.

Server Status

Display the online player count of your server (Minecraft only). Simply add your IP and the sidebar module will display your player counts and if your server is online to store visitors. Easy!

Text Box

Display a custom text box which allows you to enter any content you like. We often see stores using this small space as a brief "About Us", or their "Contact Us" info, you can really use this for whatever you like, if you don't want to use up a full page for a short piece of information.

Top Customer

Display the customer who has spent the most on your webstore in a certain time frame. We would typically recommend setting the period to be weekly so the module isn't resetting too often!

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