Plus Plan Expiry

What you can expect if your Plus Plan expires or is downgraded while your store is active.

Preserving Your Store's Integrity

When your Plus Plan comes to an end, whether due to expiry or cancellation, you'll notice several changes in your Store’s functionality and its overall presentation. It's essential to understand that no content is deleted when this happens. All your data remains intact, and the exclusive features of the Plus Plan, such as Custom Templates and Domain settings, will be available to be re-enabled once the plan is reinstated.

Features of the Plus Plan that will no longer function:

  • Custom Domain

  • Custom Templates

  • Team Accounts

  • Sales and Coupons

  • Gift Cards

  • Referrals

  • Abandoned Basket Recovery

  • Purchase Follow-ups

While your Store is downgraded, Sales, Coupons, and Gift Cards will shift to a 'read-only' mode, meaning you won't be able to create or edit them, but any existing promotions or codes will still be valid and can be used by customers.

Please be aware that upon reactivating your Plus Plan, setup your Custom Domain again and re-select your Custom Template settings.

Plan Expiry and Access Issues

For users managing the Store via a Team Account, losing the Plus Plan could restrict access to the Store. To resolve this:

  1. Contact the Store's Owner; they have the ability to reactivate the Plus Plan promptly.

  2. Contact Support for Assistance: If reactivation by the Owner isn't an option, please contact our support team as we may be able to provide a temporary extension of the Plus Plan, giving more time for the owner to step in.

We are committed to ensuring a seamless experience for our Creators. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please reach out to Creator Support.

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