Customer Lookup

Customer lookups can be used to review various aspects of a player's Tebex checkout account. This includes insights such as the 'Total Spend on Store,' any store bans the account has been subject to, and the ability to identify alternative accounts using this feature. ℹī¸ Disclaimer: this does require the Plus plan, which can be purchased - here.

List of data ' Customer Lookup ' shows

  • Username & ID: [ First Seen ] [ Cache Expires ]

  • Total Spent On Store

  • Usernames: Chargeback Rate

  • Usernames: Total Bans

  • Previous Payments received from Username

Accessing this Feature

  • Navigate to you're sidebar on you're dashboard

  • Select ' Customers '

  • Select ' Lookup '

  • Enter the Username email-address, IP address or ID

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