Changing Usernames

Only proceed with this modification if a username or ID has been input incorrectly. Exercise caution when implementing this change and meticulously review server logs to verify that the buyer is not attempting to claim double the purchased items falsely.

  • Firstly, you must locate the ' transaction ' on your payments page.

  • Locating the transaction is a straightforward process. Once you have the specific transaction ID, simply choose the filter action and paste the ' transaction ID ' into the search filter box.

  • Once you have located your transaction, you can modify the associated ' Username or ID ' accordingly.

  • Choose ' Change ' and enter the new username per your preference or requirement.

  • Select ' Update '

  • After completing the ' Username or ID ' change, ' Resend ' the associated commands linked to the original purchase.

ℹī¸ Additionally, take note of the ' Notes ' function, allowing you to create annotations on the purchase for future reference. This is particularly useful for recording changes made, actions taken, and other relevant information.

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