Tebex Platform Fee

Tebex believes in transparency, especially when it comes to fees. The breakdown below explains what your Tebex Platform Fee goes towards funding.

3-Day Payout - While most payment processors and gateways have 30-day payout periods, Tebex prides itself on a 3-day payout, making it easy to manage your cash flow.

Chargeback Insurance - Tebex understands that dealing with chargeback disputes creates a massive interruption in day-to-day operations. It is in our DNA to assist you in moving forward with the success of your business. We pride ourselves in guaranteeing that if your buyer files a chargeback dispute, we will handle all the paperwork and protect you from any repercussions. If the buyer wins the chargeback, Tebex will pay out of pocket for the claim. As the Creator, you will never have to pay for a chargeback.

Over 120 payment options - We want to make purchasing as easy as possible no matter where your customers are. Not only do we include the major payment options such as Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and PayPal, but we also include local options tailored around specific countries, such as Bancontact in Belgium, Efecty in Colombia, and iDeal in the Netherlands.

Lower Processing Fees - Each payment option has its own standard gateway fees that can differ from what Tebex will charge Creators. Tebex has negotiated with these payment methods to ensure our fees are the lowest. For example, PayPal’s current consumer rates are 3.49% + a flat fee (ranging from 0.49USD, 0.39EUR, and 0.59AUD). Tebex has negotiated a deal where Tebex customers only pay 2.49% plus 0.40USD. Tebex also negotiates the best rates for cross-border fees and currency exchange rates. We want to empower creators to confidently sell their content worldwide, knowing they receive the best rates. Taxes and Variable Applicable Taxes, or Value Added Tax (VAT) - Every time a product sells, taxes are involved. When you are selling products worldwide, the complexity only grows. Every country, state, province, and city has laws and regulations that must be fully understood to remain tax-compliant, and this is where Tebex saves the day. Since Tebex is a Merchant of Record, we bear the burden of filing with the appropriate governmental agencies based on corresponding jurisdictions.

As an example of the complexity Tebex handles on your behalf, let's look at someone purchasing your product when the buyer lives in New York City. The seller is responsible for the following:

  • 4.5% New York City Local Tax

  • 4% New York State Sales and Use Tax

Store Revenue Recovery Features - Driving traffic to your webstore is only half of the battle. How a webstore guides a user through purchasing is as vital as bringing users onto the site. Tebex is constantly developing new tools to assist with optimizing transactions and the general buyer experience, including:

  • Upselling - Encourages a buyer to purchase a higher-tiered product or additional similar item.

  • Abandoned Cart - If a buyer leaves your cart, we have multiple options to remind and incentivize them to return and complete their purchase.

  • Purchase Follow-Up - Automatically thank all buyers and encourage them to return to your store and buy more products.

  • Subscription Products - Builds and retains revenue via recurring subscriptions, giving you financial stability.

Creator Codes - We strongly believe in the power of influencers to drive traffic to your products and have a compensation structure available to reward their efforts. With our easy and transparent Creator Codes feature, influencers and Creators can both increase their revenue and directly access the analytics that drove increased sales.

Lastly, besides the above-mentioned items, the Tebex Platform Fee goes towards continually maintaining your infrastructure, allowing you to scale and grow without limitations.

Tebex’s vision is to empower our Creators with all the tools they need to sell and distribute their products without concerns. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Creator Support for additional information.

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