Product Best Practice

Product Images

As you embark on setting up your products in our store, we want to ensure that your offerings look impeccable and convey a clear message to potential buyers. Your product images play a vital role in attracting customers, as they are the first thing shoppers notice when browsing your store.

To maximize the impact of your products, we strongly recommend using high-resolution, clear images. These visuals are key to improving your conversion rate, as they allow customers to get a detailed view of what you're selling. For the best results, we suggest using the PNG format for your images, with a maximum height of 165 pixels.

Product Descriptions

As a creator, crafting compelling product descriptions is not just a simple task but a strategic opportunity to unlock a product's full potential. Product descriptions are dynamic tools that go beyond text, enabling you to showcase the essence of each package and persuading players of their value.

Through well-crafted product descriptions, you have the chance to spotlight the unique features and key benefits of each package, instilling confidence in players and encouraging them to dive into an immersive gaming experience.

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